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Archive for July, 2012

Sonic London Website now Live

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Heard of Sonic London? No? Well allow me to explain:
Sonic London is the name of a Sonic-themed fan meet that regularly occurs throughout the year. Previous meets have been held at Namco Station near Waterloo and the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank.

If you’ve ever wanted to attend a Sonic London meet the full details have now been published on the rathy swanky new website. You can access the site by clicking here.

The next Sonic London meet will take place on Saturday the 25th of August in Regent’s Park. If you’re interested you can confirm your attendance on the Facebook event.

Attendees must be 18+ as things usually gravitate towards a pub by the end of the day.

Video Spotlight: Fangame Focus on Sonic Axiom Featuring Us!

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen; I am proud to feature the first Fangame Focus video at The Community Spotlight, presented by us! In this new feature we talk about Sonic fangames and take a closer look at some of favourites. This episode features Sonic Axiom developed by Vexer:

A big thank you to Titanscreed for featuring us on The Community Spotlight (again!) and another huge thanks to Discoponies from The Sonic Show who made the intro segment and Nemain from Emerald Coast who is responsible for the artwork. I’m really proud to be a part of something so many people have worked on!

If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to The Community Spotlight as we will be featuring more fangames in the future!

ToeJam & Earl Games to be Re-Released on PSN

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

According to information received by Siliconera, the 2 ToeJam & Earl games ‘ToeJam & Earl’ and ‘ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron’ are set to be re-released via SEGA’s Vintage Collection; a series of upscaled ports of classic SEGA games made available on Playstation Network and X-Box Live Arcade.

There is currently no date set and no word whether the games will be making their way to X-Box Live Arcade, but according to Siliconera they will definitely be coming to Playstation Network.

[Source: Retro Collect]

Can You Help Save DC Evolution?

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

DC Evolution is a fantastic site for those enthusiastic about homebrew on the Dreamcast. The site hosts freeware disc images of Dreamcast games and applications released into the public domain. It’s a wonderfully comprehensive website and it’s now being threatened with complete closure as their current host is suffering ‘extreme resource usage’.

Check out the full comment straight from DC Evo:

“Bad news. Our Web host has taken the DC Evo network sites offline because of extreme resource usage again, and we’re not sure there’s a way back from this. Our site is apparently using ~267 CPU minutes per day, and they want it under 15.

They’ve given us only 2 options; either take the sites offline permanently or upgrade to a much more robust hosting account (one that costs as much for one month as we pay per year). We simply don’t have the resources to try to upgrade the hosting account, so it’s looking like we’re going to have to take the sites offline.

We are working to backup all of the content and files again, so that we can potentially send them to someone else if they want to try to get the site going again; but I just don’t see any way for us to continue down this path at this time.

We are so sorry for never being able to get things restored to their former glory.”

If you think you can help save a fantastic website and one of the most important resources for Dreamcast homebrew then please contact DC Evo at their Facebook page or Twitter account.

Video Spotlight: Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition Trailer

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

A trailer has been unveiled for Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition on SEGA of Japan’s YouTube channel. Check it out below:

There are also some slight graphical changes over the PS2 originals:

– The high definition display allows for more detailed character models
– The “haze” that appears on far-away objects to help improve running speeds and loading times has been removed allowing for a more detailed draw distance
– It appears that this version allows for more pedestrians in the playfield at any time

Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition launches in Japan on November 1st. No word on a Western release at this time.

[Source: Eurogamer]

Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Collection Announced

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Weekly Famitsu have revealed that Japan are getting a HD collection of Yakuza 1 & 2 for PS3. The package will launch on November 1st but is Japan exclusive at this time.

According to Eurogamer, SEGA Europe have declined to comment on a Western version at this time.

The official unveiling of the game by SEGA of Japan is expected tomorrow so we should get a trailer as well as plenty of artwork and screenshots (fingers crossed).

[Source: Eurogamer]

Shenmue 1 & 2 HD Re-Releases Looking Likely

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Gamerzines have apparently spilled the beans on HD ports of Shenmue 1 & 2. The ports have apparently been finished for a year with their release being held up until SEGA had a clearer picture of the future of the Shenmue franchise ie whether Shenmue 3 will actually see the light of day.

The ports will show up on X-Box Live Arcade and Playstation Network. No date has been given at this time. This is exciting news for Shenmue fans; not only are they getting HD versions of the original 2 games but it looks like plans are in place for a 3rd game as well. Happy days!

[Source: Eurogamer]

Ralph from ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Confirmed as Playable in All-Stars Racing Transformed

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

In case you haven’t been informed, ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ is a new animated movie from Disney which pays homage to video games. The protoganist from the film is Ralph; a video game villain who gets sick of being the villain and decides to leave his game for pastures new.

In possibly one of the most left field announcements SEGA have ever made, Ralph is now appearing as a playable character in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Also revealed is that Roger Craig Smith will voice a Sonic cameo in the Disney film as well. So that’s 2 SEGA characters now featured in ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ as Dr. Eggman also features in a Villains Anonymous meeting.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed will be released 20/11/2012 in North America. No words on other worldwide release dates at this time.

[Source: The Sonic Stadium]

Sonic Adventure 2 Confirmed for Autumn Re-Release at Sonic Boom

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

We all knew it was happening but SEGA finally confirmed the rumours that Sonic Adventure 2 is being re-released on X-Box Live Arcade and Playstation Network this Autumn. Check out the handheld footage of the announcement at Sonic Boom below:

Gotta love SEGA’s sense of humour! It’s also great seeing how many people actually still love this game 🙂

[Source: The Sonic Stadium]

Registration for Sonic Amateur Games Expo Now Open

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

The Sonic Amateur Games Expo (or SAGE) is back on August 6th to August 12th! If you’re a budding amateur fan-game developer with a project you’d like to show at SAGE then click here to be taken to the thread at Sonic Fan Games HQ where you can register your booth for the event.

Registrations must be completed by July 28th to ensure your position in the event. Basically, hop to it and don’t miss your opportunity!

As per usual we will be covering the event when it takes place and will hopefully be providing an alternative to our usual text-based coverage. Stay tuned!

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