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Improve the PC Version of Sonic R With This Excellent Sonic R Mania Mod | YouTube Channel

Friday, May 27th, 2022

Sonic R’s 1998 PC port is finally playable on modern versions of Windows thanks to MainMemory’s wonderful Sonic R Mod Manager software. This piece of software also supports mods and in our latest video we also take a look at Rlan’s Sonic R Mania mod. Click the embed below to see the mod in action:

You can download MainMemory’s Sonic R Mod Manager by clicking here. You can also download Rlan’s Sonic R Mania mod by clicking here.

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Sonic Hacking Contest 2019 Coverage, Day 2 | YouTube Channel

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

It’s time to catch up with our Sonic Hacking Contest coverage! We have another 2 video reviews of mods featured at the event and you can watch both below. This time we take a look at the Sonic Mania mods Return of Metal and Sonic Gaiden:

Return of Metal

Sonic Gaiden

The Sonic Hacking Contest is running from the 2nd to the 8th of December 2019. Coverage will continue on our YouTube channel all week so make sure you’re subscribed!

Fan Scene: Sonic CD Mods Adds Metal Sonic as Playable Character

Saturday, November 1st, 2014


A fan called Darkon360 has created the first mod for Sonic CD Remastered.

This mod makes Metal Sonic completely playable in the game. It’s a fun little addition that takes the place of Sonic as the main playable character. There’s an interesting addition in the Stardust Speedway boss stage in that Darkon360 has added Metal Sonic 3.0 from Sonic Rivals 2 as the new rival for Metal Sonic. This was obviously done to avoid having Metal Sonic race himself, but it’s a fun little touch all the same.

Check out a gameplay trailer below:

You can download the mod via this link. Instructions on how to install it are also available from this page.

Fan Scene: Custom Jet Set Radio Dreamcast is a Thing of Beauty

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Good to see the Dreamcast customisation scene is still alive and ticking! Check out this rather amazing Dreamcast mod that features a custom painted case and controller adorned with Jet Set Radio artwork. Beautiful!

[Source: Custom Art]

Video Spotlight: NSFW! This Sonic Generations Mod Will Make You “Rock Hard”

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

First and foremost, this post is not safe for work and extremely adult-orientated. We cool?

So this has to be one of the strangest things we’ve been exposed to. This Sonic Generations mod changes Sonic’s character model to an erect penis. Hilarity ensues:

[Source: Bitsocket via Gamewank]

Fan Scene: Mod Allows You to Play Sonic Unleashed Stages in Generations

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Sonic Retro community members Dario FF, Twilightzoney and Chimera have released a mod for Sonic Generations PC that allows players to enjoy 8 of the Sonic Unleashed day stages in the Sonic Generations engine. This allows for 60fps play and 1080p presentation as long as your PC is powerful enough. Check out the launch trailer below:

You can download Sonic Generations – Unleashed Project now from the project’s ModDB page. Click here to be taken straight to it.

[Source: Sonic Retro]

SEGA Tunes: South Island Classic Album Available for Free Download

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

YouTube user Sarsion is working on a Sonic Generations mod which recreates all of Sonic 1 using the Generations engine. While the mod isn’t particularly far in development at the moment, the soundtrack is complete and available for download now.

The soundtrack is titled South Island: Classic and it was arranged and remixed by NicoCW. You can download the whole album for free via this link: CLICK HERE

You can also see a trailer for the mod below which explains the whole project in more detail. WARNING: Bad language

Fan Scene: This Bayonetta Mod for Street Fighter x Tekken is All Kinds of Awesome

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Some clever clogs (Khaledantar666 on deviantART) has managed to mod Poison from Street Fighter x Tekken to take the form of Bayonetta. Check out some gameplay footage of the mod in action:

The mod is available to download now from Khaledantar666’s deviantART gallery. Have fun!

[Source: SEGABits]

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