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SEGA Tunes: Crush 40 Perform Live & Learn at the SEGA Joypolis

Monday, June 22nd, 2015


Back in May, Crush 40 played the SEGA Joypolis as a launch event for their new CD 2 Nights 2 Remember. You can now watch a live recording of the band playing Live & Learn from the event. Check it out below:

Crush 40’s 2 Nights 2 Remember is out now and can be ordered from Amazon.

SEGA Tunes: Crush 40 Perform ‘His World’ Live

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Crush 40 have uploaded live footage of them playing ‘His World’, the theme to Sonic the Hedgehog ’06. The footage comes from the band’s complete line-up set in Tokyo, March 30th 2012. The song is also featured on Crush 40′s ‘LIVE!’ album which is available to purchase now. Check it out:

The Megadrive Band to Play Summer of Sonic

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

The band previously know as SEGA Megadrive Band, who we discovered playing Crooked Ways Festival in June, have rebranded as The Megadrive Band and are playing a set at Summer of Sonic.

The Megadrive Band are playing the main stage at Summer of Sonic during the afternoon slot and promise to bring a series of covers from early games featured on the Mega Drive.

[Source: Summer of Sonic Website]

There’s a Mega Drive Covers Band Playing at This Rock Festival UPDATED

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013


Jemal, the bass player of Sega Megadrive Band has contacted us divulging some more information about the band.

The band are essentially the product of a bet. The band are friendly with one of the festival organisers who challenged them to come up with a 30 minute set in a day to secure a slot on the main stage. The band managed this and true to the organiser’s word they are now playing the main stage.

Despite starting out off the back of a dare, the band stress that they are passionate about Mega Drive music and want to take a professional approach to playing in the band because they truly appreciate the composing of musicians like Yuzo Koshiro and Masato Nakamura.

SEGADriven wishes Sega Megadrive Band all the best for their debut performance!


Crooked Ways Music Festival takes place at Pontefract Park in West Yorkshire on the 1st of June 2013. The line-up for the festival was announced today and there’s a curious inclusion on the main stage. The band we’re intrigued by are called Sega Megadrive Band and as their Facebook page suggests they are a band that “cover tunes from old Sega Megadrive games such as ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ and ‘Streets of Rage’.”

We are having considerable difficulty finding out any more information about the band then what is listed on their Facebook page. They don’t have any music available for streaming and there doesn’t appear to be any video available of the band on YouTube. How does an almost unknown SEGA covers band go from this level of obscurity to playing a rock festival with The Enemy and Peter Hook?

[Source: Crooked Ways 2013 Official Website]

Video Spotlight: Crush 40 Live in Tokyo

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Crush 40 recently performed 2 nights of live Sonic music with a full band (instead of the usual Jun and Johnny) in Tokyo. The shows looked utterly spectacular and Jun has gone out of his way to upload some footage from both nights.

Below is Live and Learn from the first night:

And here is What I’m Made Of from the second night:

Are you jealous of that crowd or what!?

[Source: The Sonic Stadium]

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