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Screenshots of Cancelled Initial D Game for DS Emerge

Monday, May 18th, 2015

initial-d-ds-cancelled initial-d-ds-cancelled-game initial-d-ds-cancelled-game-2 initial-d-ds-cancelled-game-3 initial-d-ds-cancelled-game-4

The above images come from a cancelled Initial D game for the DS called Initial D EX. The game was in development at SEGA Rosso in 2007/2008 but was quietly cancelled for unknown reasons. The above images actually come directly from SEGA Rosso’s website but were removed rather sharpish. Initial D EX was planned to be the 7th game in the Initial D franchise.

[Source: Unseen 64]

SEGA Tunes: Hideki Naganuma Mixtape

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Check out this amazing 5 minute mix of 22 Hideki Naganuma songs by YouTube user Blake Buck. It features music from various games including Jet Set Radio and Sonic Rush. Check it out below:

[Source: Max Firestorm on Facebook]

SEGA of Japan’s 7th Dragon Series Continues With 3rd Installment

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

SEGA of Japan’s exclusive 7th Dragon RPG series will continue with a 3rd installment entitled 7th Dragon 2020 3rd Encout.

The first game 7th Dragon was released on Nintendo DS while the second game 7th Dragon 2020 was released for the Sony PSP. There are no details as to what console 3rd Encount will be released for as the only information regarding the game’s existence lies with a trademark that was filed for the name as well as a logo.

The first game was infamous for being produced by Phantasy Star designer Rieko Kodama and being soundtracked by Yuzo Koshiro of Streets of Rage fame.

[Source: SEGA]

SEGA Partners with Arkedo Studio for New Project

Friday, October 28th, 2011

SEGA have announced a partnership with Arkedo Studio, the developers behind Nervous Brickdown and Big Bang Mini for Nintendo DS as well as the Arkedo Series on XBLA and PSN.

The new project is currently known as Project Hell Yeah! There is currently no word on what the ‘project’ will be (we’re assuming it’ll be a PSN/XBLA game) but more will be revealed on Arkedo’s blog which you can access by clicking here.

Arkedo appear to be pretty avid SEGA fans. Camille Guermonprez the studio chief has said, “See, SEGA? We spent the last five years telling you repeatedly that someday, somehow, you would publish one of our games. This day has come. Hell Yeah! Now let’s go back to work and finish the damn thing.”

More on Project Hell Yeah! as we get it.

[Source: SEGA’s Twitter]

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