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New Saturn Prototype of Burning Rangers Now Archived by Hidden Palace

Monday, January 9th, 2023

Hidden Palace continue their incredible digital archiving work with a brand new SEGA Saturn prototype release of Burning Rangers from January 3rd 1998.

This latest prototype dump showcases a near complete version of Burning Rangers that features all the game’s missions, but they are missing certain features and tend to be a little bit on the buggy side. It’s a fascinating look at the later stages of the game’s development and can be downloaded direct from Hidden Palace by clicking here.

An extensive article by Bo Bayles is also available to read that details every interesting feature in that latest prototype dump. You can read that by clicking here.

Thanks once again to the incredible work of these dedicated digital archivists for continuing to preserve these amazing insights into SEGA Saturn game development.

Archipel Caravan Releases Interview with SEGA Music Legend Takenobu Mitsuyoshi | Video Spotlight

Thursday, November 5th, 2020

Archipel Caravan, responsible for a slew of documentaries on Japanese video game creators, have published a new, 20 minute long interview with beloved SEGA composer and vocalist, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi.

The interview goes through how he got his start at SEGA, and what pushed him to join in the first place; as well as how the vocal aspect of Daytona USA came to be (we have Ridge Racer to thank, apparently!). It’s genuinely fascinating, and it feels surprisingly rare that we get to see a down-to-earth interview like this with Mitsuyoshi-san. Of course, once the music starts he’s just as excitable as ever, and in turn it’s a lot of fun to watch.

Archipel’s previous videos have included interviews with Saori Kobayashi of Panzer Dragoon, and Toshihiro Nagoshi of… well, a lot of things, including Yakuza, Daytona USA and Super Monkey Ball. Their stuff is well worth a watch, and this latest interview is no exception.

Merchandise: New Additions Across Several Categories

Saturday, January 9th, 2016


Here’s the latest selection of updates to our merchandise sections:

Push Start by Big Twice has been added to the SEGA Music Index. High quality photos of the release also feature
– The We Are Burning Rangers/I Just Smile remix 12″ by Naofumi Hataya has been added to the SEGA Music Index. High quality photos of the release also feature
– The Sonic Duel: Sonic and Robotnik Fighting Tops have been added to the Miscellaneous SEGA Merchandise section. High quality photos also feature
– The SEGA World Sydney Sonic and Metal Sonic figurines have been added to the SEGA-Related Models and Figurines section. High quality photos also feature
– New images have been added for the SEGA History Collection of gachapon SEGA console models in the SEGA-Related Models and Figurines section. High quality scans and photos also feature

Merchandise: That’s Right; More Music Index Updates

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016


Can you tell I’m enjoying updating the SEGA Music Index? Here’s a few updates for this evening:

Electrace Pulseman by Stereotype now has artwork scans
Burning Rangers Theme Song CD by Naofumi Hataya has now been added, complete with artwork scans
– The cassette release of Supersonic by H.W.A Featuring Sonic the Hedgehog has also been added, complete with artwork scans

If you’ve never heard Supersonic then I suggest you give the embedded video below a play. Enjoy the cheesy nineties goodness!

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