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SEGA-Related Models and Figurines

First 4 Figures – Mini Figure Collectibles (Series 2)
The second series of mini figure collectibles from First 4 Figures includes a Metal Sonic, Amy and Super Sonic.

Additional Images
Metal Sonic in Box
Back of Metal Sonic Box
Loose Amy Figure

First 4 Figures Vinyl Sonic Models
These First 4 Figures statues are beautifully sculpted in vinyl and show a lot of the characters’ attitude and are remarkably detailed. A Sonic the Hedgehog is also included in the range but not pictured.

Additional Images
Tails Statue
Knuckles Statue

SEGA Card Power Toys
The SEGA Card Power range of credit card-sized toys was originally released in Japan from 1998 to 1990. A total of 3 series of these toys was produced and they were licensed and released by Tyco in Western territories under the Pocket Power line.

Additional Images
Drag Star/Top Fueler – in Base
Drag Star/Top Fueler – Underside of Base
Drag Star/Top Fueler – Removed from Base and Assembled

16bit6 SEGA Genesis Gachapon Console Model
A small gachapon model of the SEGA Genesis, complete with 3 button controller and cartridges for Virtua Fighter 2 and Comix Zone. This was included as a bonus item with the 2004 16-Bit book and was never sold separately.
history1 SEGA History Collection: Gachapon SEGA Console Models
The complete set of gachapon SEGA consoles from the SEGA History Collection. The full set includes a Dreamcast, SEGA Saturn, Mega Drive, Mega-CD, 32X, Power Base Converter, SEGA Mark III and Master System. All come with accessories like controllers and games.

Additional Images
Mega Drive with additional Power Base Converter, 3 button controller, Mega Drive cartridge
Mega-CD with additional 32X, 6 button controller, 32X cartridge and Mega-CD game case/disc
SEGA Mark III with additional controllers, FM sound unit, game cartridge and SEGA card
Master System with additional controllers, game cartridge and SEGA card
Dreamcast with additional controller, VMUs and game case/disc
SEGA Saturn with additional controller and game case/disc

IMG_2240 SEGA World Sydney Sonic the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic Figurines
A set of 3 Sonic the Hedgehog figures in different poses and a Metal Sonic figurine that were sold in the SEGA World in Sydney during the early 1990s. This set was miss-sold as 2 sets of Sonic the Hedgehog figurines in different poses from 2 different boxes. This is not indicative of a complete box of figures.

Additional Images
Box for Figures

Jazware Sonic and the Black Knight Figurine
This a Sonic the Hedgehog figurine tied in with the game ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’ and crafted by Jazware. It has many points of articulation but this unfortunately gives Sonic rather bulgy limbs. Also comes with Caliburn accessory which Sonic doesn’t need (joke).
Shooting Game Historica 2 – Opa Opa Figure
An Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone figure. Part of the Shooting Game Historica 2 collection of figures which come in blind boxes.

Additional Images
Insert Leaflet

Sonic & Knuckles Figurines by Tomy
Produced by Tomy in 1994, this range of small Sonic & Knuckles figurines includes 20 different characters and badniks. One of the Dr. Robotnik figures is pictured here.
IMG_1812 Sonic Boom: Dr. Eggman with Ripcord Eggmobile
A Dr. Eggman action figure with ripcord Eggmobile vehicle. Based on the character’s design in Sonic Boom.

Additional Images
Reverse of Box
Figure & Eggmobile – Front
Figure & Eggmobile – Reverse
Eggmobile – Front
Eggmobile – Reverse
Figure – Front
Figure – Reverse

IMG_1814 Sonic Boom: Motobug
A Motobug action figure. Based on the character’s design in Sonic Boom.

Additional Images
Reverse of Box
Figure – Facing Left
Figure – Facing Right
Figure – Front

IMG_1810 Sonic Boom: Sonic with Hoverboard Stand
A Sonic the Hedgehog action figure with a hoverboard stand. Based on the character’s design in Sonic Boom.

Additional Images
Reverse of Box
Front of Figure
Reverse of Figure
Side of Figure

Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Anniversary SEGA Joypolis Statue
A SEGA Joypolis-exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog statue to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise. Can only be won in UFO catchers.

Additional Images
Statue Reverse
Statue Base

Sonic the Hedgehog Bendable Figures by Jakks Pacific
A 2019 line of Sonic the Hedgehog action figures produced by Jakks Pacific. These figuries feature no articulation and instead of bendable limbs that hold in place when adjusted. Each figure also contains a “spinnable disk” which is a small accessory that unfolds into the shape of another Sonic character. The entire line features 4 figures; one of Sonic, one of Tails, one of Knuckles and one of Shadow.

Additional Images
Knuckles in Blister – Front
Knuckles in Blister – Reverse
Opened Knuckles Figure
Shadow in Blister – Front
Shadow in Blister – Back
Opened Shadow Figure

Sonic the Hedgehog Models from Burger King – 1993
Produced by Burger King in 1993, this range of small Sonic the Hedgehog models and toys includes 4 different models/toys to collect. The full collection features 2 Sonics, a Dr. Robotnik and a Tails model that is infamous for having a flesh-coloured paint applied to Tails’s white fur.

Additional Images
Dr. Robotnik Toy

Sonic the Hedgehog Models from Burger King – 1998
Produced by Burger King in 1998, this range of small Sonic the Hedgehog models and toys includes 5 different models/toys to collect. The 3 models are of Sonic accompanied by a smaller Dr. Robotnik figure, Tails with a Hover Unit standee and Knuckles with a Cluck standee. The 2 toys are a maze game shaped like Sonic’s head and a water game shaped like Dr. Robotnik’s Egg-o-Matic.

Additional Images
Sonic Model
Dr. Robotnik Model
Dr. Robotnik Water Game
Sonic Maze Game

Sonic the Hedgehog Wind-Up Toys from Tomy
Produced by Tomy in 1992, this small line-up of 4 Sonic the Hedgehog wind-up toys includes 2 Sonic models and 2 Tails models. The wind-up feature allows Sonic and Tails to either “jog” or “runabout”. A Sonic jogger is pictured here.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Models from McDonalds
Produced by McDonalds in 1994, this range of small Sonic the Hedgehog models includes 4 different characters to collect and 2 balls with Sonic characters printed onto them. Each model has its own action feature.

Additional Images
Sonic Model
Dr. Robotnik Model
Knuckles Model

IMG_3399 Sonic the Hedgehog Amiibo
A small Sonic the Hedgehog miniature, manufactured by Nintendo. Includes a chip in the base of the figure that can be recognised by Wii U and New 3DS devices, unlocking additional in-game content for certain games. Manufactured in 2015 as a part of the Super Smash Bros. Collection.

Additional Images
Figure in Box
Back of Box

Sonic X Capsule Toys by Discapa
Produced by Discapa in 2006, this range of small Sonic X figurines includes 5 different characters to collect. Each of the figurines has a base that interlocks with the bases from other figurines to create a diorama.

Additional Images
Sonic Figurine
Shadow Figurine
Chris Thorndyke Figurine
Capsule Leaflet

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