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SEGA Arcade Pop-Up History | Review

Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

SEGA Arcade Pop-Up History is a wonderful idea in concept. What long-standing SEGA fan doesn’t want a book full of pop-up, cardboard models of some of SEGA’s most iconic, deluxe, arcade cabinets? That’s such a goofy and charming little concept that we instantly jumped on board as soon as this was announced on Kickstarter. But after pawing through the finished product, it often feels like the concept was far better than the end result.

Click here to read our full book review of SEGA Arcade Pop-Up History from Read-Only Memory.

More Japan Exclusive SEGA Merch Featuring a Hang-On Bicycle!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

The Japanese webstore ebten has some other interesting pieces of exclusive merchandise for the SEGA fanatic amongst you.

As you can see above, there’s a Hang-On themed bicycle emblazoned with the game’s logo and painted in the game’s signature red. It is priced at a very affordable £144.10. The full listing for the product can be found here.

Also featured is a Dreamcast travel-case which is decorated with the console and 2 joypads. This will set you back £151.31. The full listing for the product can be found here.

And finally here’s a Mega Drive-styled “16 Bit” belt buckle. This comes with a pretty hefty pricetag of £57.70. The full listing for the product can be found here.

[Source: SEGAotaku on Twitter]

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