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5 Old Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Games Worth Playing Now | YouTube Channel

Wednesday, March 20th, 2024

We’ve got a lot of love for the history of Sonic fan games, and in our latest YouTube video we take a look at 5 nostalgic Sonic fan games that were doing something unique:

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We also have a huge amount of Sonic fan game coverage dating all the way back to the Sonic Amateur Games Expo 2012! Click here to view the entire playlist.

Fan Scene: Sonic XG Back in Development

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

The infamous Sonic fan game Sonic XG is back in development as a one-man project by Joseph Waters.

Waters was a part of the original development team that also included Euan Gallacher and Christian Whitehead and has their support to complete the game alone. Both Gallacher and Whitehead have supplied Waters with all their Sonic XG material to make Waters’ job a little easier.

The game is being developed using Waters own custom Sonic & Knuckles clone engine. You can see 2 previews of the game in its’ current incarnation below:

There is currently no playable version available at this time as we’re assuming that Waters intends to release the game when it is complete rather than put a demo out. A playable demo from 2007 is still available to download from Sonic Retro.

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