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Lost TeraDrive Port of The Manhole by Myst Devs Discovered and Preserved

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024

The TeraDrive is a Japan exclusive IBM-compatible PC that also features a built-in Mega Drive. You can click here to read more about it in our website’s hardware section. The computer was released in 1991 and for the longest time the only piece of TeraDrive exclusive gaming software was thought to be a game called Puzzle Construction. This is no longer the case as user ZiggyTheHamster has found and dumped a port of Cyan’s The Manhole which was originally released in 1988 for the Mac and developed using HyperCard.

This TeraDrive port of The Manhole is based on the FM Towns version released in 1990. ZiggyTheHamster notes that the in-game action of this TeraDrive port appears to be powered by the PC itself, while the Mega Drive portion of the computer is powering the audio. This is basically a reverse of what Puzzle Construction does which uses the Mega Drive hardware for the in-game action.

You can download the newly discovered TeraDrive port of The Manhole by going to its entry on via this link. A huge thank you to ZiggyTheHamster for preserving this piece of previously lost media!

[Source: VGDensetsu on Bluesky]

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