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The TeraDrive is an IBM PC compatible desktop computer with an intergrated Mega Drive that was developed in-house at SEGA Japan. Released in May 1991, the computer was only ever released in Japan and boasts the ability to run Mega Drive software and a PC operating system at the same time, with the option to switch between the 2 without restarting the system. 3 models of the computer were released to the Japanese market with slightly different specifications. However, the computer used outdated components for the time and proved unpopular as a result. A similar third party computer called the Amstrad Mega PC was released in Western markets in 1993.


AMD 80286 (10 MHz)
Motorola 68000
Zilog Z80

640 KB/2.5 MB (model 1)
1 MB/2.5 MB (model 2)
2.5 MB/2.5 MB (model 3)

1 FDD (model 1)
2 FDDs (model 2)
1 FDD, 1 30MB HDD (model 3)

PC Mode
640×480 pixels (262144 colors / 16 onscreen)
320×200 pixels (262144 / 256; Mode 13h)
Mega Drive Mode
320×224 pixels (512 / 64)

PC I/O Ports
1 × VGA monitor connector
1 × Parallel port (for a printer)
2 × Serial ports (RS-232C)
2 × PS/2 (Mouse and Keyboard)

Mega Drive I/O Ports
2 × DE-9M (9-pin male D-connectors)
1 × Expansion

Operating System


Image credit to Racketboy forums and Drouot Paris

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