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Video Spotlight: 3 New Character Trailers for Anarchy Reigns

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Now SEGA have announced a firm date for a Western release of Platinum Games’ Anarchy Reigns the trailers have come rolling in! What follows is 3 character trailers for the game due 11th of January 2013 on X-Box 360 and PS3:

Rin Rin

Ai Rin

Fei Rin

[Source: SEGA Europe’s YouTube Channel]

Anarchy Reigns Coming to the West in January 2013

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Platinum Games have revealed that the long delayed Western release of Anarchy Reigns on X-Box 360 and PS3 is finally happening in January 2013. The Americans get it on January 8th for $29.99 while the UK and Europe get it on January 11th for £19.99/€24.99. That’s right; we get a budget priced version!

Anarchy Reigns has been out in Japan since July 5th under the title Max Anarchy. The game had infamously gone gold complete with English language versions for the July 5th release date but SEGA decided against a summer launch and delayed it for unknown reasons.

[Source: Platinum Games’ Twitter]

Anarchy Reigns to be Released in the West in Quarter 1 2013

Monday, June 18th, 2012

After the scare that was brought on us by Platinum Games who revealed that the Western division of SEGA appeared to have gone silent regarding the release of Anarchy Games in Western territories despite being fully localised, the game finally has a new release window. Unfortunately despite the game coming out on July 5th in Japan (where it is known as Max Anarchy), the game will be released in the West in quarter 1 2013.

A SEGA representitive on Twitter announced today that “the release of Anarchy Reigns has been re-evaluated. We now expect to launch in Europe and America in Q1 of 2013.” No other reasons were given for the delay.

This news will obviously be bittersweet for fans of Platinum Games; while it’s obviously nice that the game will still be released in the West, it’s a bit of a shame we have to wait so long for a game that is already localised.

[Source: Eurogamer]

Anarchy Reigns’ Western Release is Uncertain

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Anarchy Reigns; the new multiplayer brawler from Platinum Games was due for release in Europe on the 6th of July and in the US on the 3rd of July. However, Platinum Games have revealed that the Western release has changed to ‘to be confirmed’.

A note on the Platinum Games website says, “We break the bad news about Anarchy Reigns US/EU release date – Sega has decided to change the date to TBC. While our work on the game is finished, localised, and ready to go, as publisher, Sega gets to make the final decision as to when it is released. The Japanese release date, however, remains unchanged for 5th July 2012.”

Fingers crossed that SEGA release a new Western release date soon and that the game’s Western release has not been shelved. Platinum Games have delivered some stunning entertainment this generation and it would be a massive shame if Anarchy Reigns becomes Japan exclusive.

[Source: Eurogamer]

Video Spotlight: More Anarchy Reigns Gameplay

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Here we have 2 doses of new Anarchy Reigns gameplay footage to show off. First off we have Jack’s character trailer:

I’m really hoping the inclusion of Jack from MadWorld is an indication that we might see more SEGA cameos in Anarchy Reigns. How about Axel from Streets of Rage, eh Platinum?

Finally we have a whole heap of gameplay in the first trailer focussing on the entire game and not specific characters. Check it out:

[Source: SEGA Europe Blog]

Video Spotlight: Anarchy Reigns Zero Trailer EDIT Big Bull Trailer Goes Live

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

More gameplay footage of Platinum Games’ new brawler, ‘Anarchy Reigns’! This time we’re introduced to Zero who looks remarkably like a beefed up version of Hotsuma from the 2002 Shinobi PS2 game:

[Source: SEGA Europe Blog]


A trailer featuring the mechanized bull known as ‘Big Bull’ has also gone live. Check it out:

[Source: SEGAShiro]

Video Spotlight: Anarchy Reigns Sasha Gameplay Trailer

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Here’s the first gameplay footage of Anarchy Reigns. The trailer details the character Sasha and shows off some deadly combos.

It’s about time we had a new SEGA brawler! Can we get some Streets of Rage characters in this please?

[Source: Eurogamer]

Max Anarchy Confirmed for Europe; Title Changed to Anarchy Reigns

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Max Anarchy, the game from Platinum Games that was announced earlier this week has been confirmed for European release to be published by SEGA. Here’s the full press release:

LONDON AND SAN FRANCISCO – (January 27th, 2011) – SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America, Inc. today reveal details on upcoming third-person multiplayer brawler, ANARCHY REIGNS™, the much anticipated next title from critically acclaimed developer PlatinumGames. ANARCHY REIGNS will be available in Autumn 2011 on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

With ANARCHY REIGNS, PlatinumGames will be using their hallmark creativity and technical excellence to challenge the boundaries of the conventional brawler genre by allowing multiple players to get involved in heavy-hitting action simultaneously. ANARCHY REIGNS incorporates a diverse range of multiplayer modes to provide players with different challenges, including Tag Team battles and Battle Royal, where players can challenge others in a full-on fight for victory.

“SEGA are delighted to continue our collaboration with PlatinumGames, one of the most creative and critically acclaimed developers in the world,” said Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing of SEGA West. “ANARCHY REIGNS is set to offer gamers a fresh multiplayer experience with the quality and innovation PlatinumGames are renowned for.”

ANARCHY REIGNS will be available in Autumn 2011 for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

For more information please visit

SEGA Europe have also uploaded a teaser trailer to their YouTube channel:

[Source: SEGA Europe Blog]

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