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Steve Lycett Answers Fan Questions on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Steve Lycett, executive producer at Sumo Digital as been very busy answering a lot of fan-proposed questions at the Sonic Stadium Message Board. We’ve also learnt some new things about the game from his answers:

- The game uses a new engine called the Sumo Engine which allows for dynamic lighting
- The vehicle transforms into either a plane or a boat for water and flying sections. This script-driven and cannot be done manually
- All the new tracks are completely original and are not variations on a theme (like all the various Seaside Hill stages in the original game)
- Online play hasn’t been confirmed for PC but HEAVILY hinted at
- Sumo are attempting to impliment all-star moves for online play
- Sumo have approached SEGA in regards to releasing a soundtrack for the game
- The game will run at 30fps
- There will be a much wider array of powerups
- The 3DS version will not be running the Sumo Engine and will be built from the group up. Sumo are aiming to make this version as close to the other versions as possible
- Sumo are trying to impliment dynamically changing music which changes depending on what is happening in the race
- The ‘first place attack weapon’ drops items in the way of the person in first position which they then have to avoid. It doesn’t attack them head on with no means of defence (think the infamous Mario Kart blue shell)

[Source: The Sonic Stadium]

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