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SEGADriven Staff

SEGADriven Staff
Name: Lewis Clark
Nickname: Sonic Yoda
Date of Birth: 19th November 1987
Role: Webmaster and lead writer
3DS Friend Code: 0989-1882-4813
Email: segadriven[at]

SEGADriven Contributors and Support Staff
Svend “Dreadknux” Joscelyne: Game features, roundtable contributor, hosting and website support
Ian “Bmn” Bennett: Website support
Rory “Roareye Black” Joscelyne: Game reviews, console features, roundtable contributor
Helen Doherty: Game reviews and features, roundtable contributor
Tru “CapnCloudchaser” Smiles: Roundtable contributor
Frobman: Roundtable contributor
Terry “PageVGP” Hunter: Roundtable contributor
Gavin “GavvieUK” Storey: Roundtable contributor
Pete “Titanscreed” Nethercote: Video support and roundtable contributor
Aaron “The Gagaman” Foster: Roundtable contributor

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