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SEGA To Continue IP Reinvention

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

VG247 have unveiled an exclusive interview with SEGA boss Mike Hayes that reveals the company is constantly looking back at its’ catalogue for IPs to reinvent.

Hayes said, “We constantly review the IP we’ve got in the locker because that’s one of Sega’s big advantages, and when we bring it out and do it properly, like re-imagine Sonic or doing Sega Rally Arcade Online and stuff like that, we have success. Some of it when we try and do it, like Golden Axe on PS3 and 360, it didn’t do so well. So we carefully look at each IP and every month, we review the locker of IP and think, ‘how could we release those and if so, what are we going to? Will it be a big game, digital, free-to-play?’ We constantly look at it. What I can say is that you will continue to see a reinvention of classic Sega IP coming to various platforms over the next three-five years.”

VG247 also asked whether Shenmue City, the mobile game from Yu Suzuki would be making a Western appearance. Unfortunately the answer was “There are no plans for Shenmue City.”

The other little tidbit we’d like to bring up is in this little comment, “Shinobi on 3DS is a good example and some of the digital games we’re releasing are good examples, like the Golden Axe redux and stuff like that. So you’ll see more of it, but we literally look at it all the time.”

Golden Axe Redux? Did we miss something here? Is Hayes referring to the SEGA AGES version of Golden Axe, Golden Axe: Beast Rider or a new Golden Axe remake that we’ve yet to hear about? Intriguing!

[Source: SEGAbits]

New Batch of Shinobi 3D Screenshots

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Famitsu have released a fresh batch of Shinobi 3D screens.

You check them out by clicking this link.

We’re still on the fence regarding this 3DS title. The graphics are a little poor and we’re getting a distinct whiff of the ‘meh’ PS2 Shinobi, but gameplay trailers have looked quite fun. Come on SEGA, don’t muck this one up! We don’t want to see the Shinobi series go the way of the dodo!

[Source: SEGAbits]

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