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SEGA Astro City Phone Case and SEGA Logo Taiyaki Being Sold in SEGA no Taiyaki Store in Akihabara | Merchandise

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

The SEGA no Taiyaki Store in Akihabara is selling the SEGA logo-shaped Taiyaki that previously made an appearance at last year’s SEGA Fes. Taiyaki is a traditional Japanese cake normally filled with red bean paste.

Alongside the SEGA logo Taiyaki, the store is also selling an exclusive phone case that transforms your phone into a miniature Astro City arcade cabinet. Check it out in action below:

The SEGA no Taiyaki Store in Akihabara is located in the Akihabara Bldg, No.5 1F, Chiyoda 101-0021 Tokyo Prefecture.

[Source: Amiami Hobby News via Nostoppingepoch]

Tommo Release SEGA Mega Drive-Themed Accessory Range

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Well here’s some rather peculiar SEGA merchandise!

Tommo have revealed a range of SEGA Mega Drive-themed accessories which include bluetooth speakers, a battery charger and iPhone 5 and 5S/C cases which include matching screen protectors.

All of the items are released in North America on December 19th and will be sold via, and Check below for individual pricing:

– SEGA® Genesis/MD Controller Classic Case – $24.99
– SEGA® Genesis/MD System Classic Case – $24.99
– SEGA® Game Gear Classic Case – $24.99
– SEGA® Saturn Classic Case – $24.99
– SEGA® Genesis/MD Power Partner – $69.99
– SEGA® Saturn Power Partner – $69.99
– SEGA® Genesis/MD Replica Bluetooth Speaker – $89.99

[Source: RadioSEGA]

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