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Analogue Inc Announce Mega Sg System, With Support for Mega Drive, Master System and More

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

Analogue Inc have announced some new hardware, in the form of the Mega Sg. Essentially a Mega Drive-based successor to their previous Super NT system, the console boasts HD output, and support for Mega Drive and Master System cartridges, as well as supporting both versions the Mega CD add-on. Currently the console doesn’t support 32X titles, but apparently it’s being worked on.

The system uses FPGA for extreme accuracy, as opposed to “bullshit fake “hybrid emulation” (their words!); considering how well the Super NT was received, it’s fairly safe to wager they’re not bluffing. If that wasn’t enough, adaptors are also being produced for the console to enable support for SG-1000, SC-3000, SEGA MyCard, SEGA Mark III, and even Game Gear cartridges! The controllers are being produced by 8BitDo, and seem to take cues from not only the Mega Drive’s own 6 button pad, but the Saturn’s too.

The system is now available for pre-order for $189 (Eurogamer are reporting the UK price as £140), though at the time of writing the site is under heavy traffic. Click here to go to Analogue’s site.

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