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More Sonic Boom Details Revealed in Interview With Big Red Button CEO

Siliconera have an extensive interview about Sonic Boom with Bob Rafei, the creative director and CEO of Big Red Button.

Key points to take away from the interview include:

– Sonic Boom will be more combat heavy than past Sonic games
– The game will have a larger focus on exploration similar to Sonic Adventure
– The game will also include cooperative gameplay and has been designed to maximise on this
– The game focusses on the strengths of each team member in a similar way to Sonic Heroes eg. Sonic is a speed character, Knuckles is a power character etc.
– Amy has been changed to a strong female character and no longer fawns over Sonic all the time
– Knuckles gets a chance to be the funny guy
– Sonic Boom will have a new main villain and Dr. Eggman will “pass the torch” so to speak
– Exploration will lead to the discovery of rare items and collectibles

Read the full interview at Siliconera by clicking here.

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