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Binary Domain Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

Binary Domain will be getting 2 distinctive sets of pre-order DLC designed around gamers who play single or multiplayer.

The single player DLC gives the character Dan Marshall a new weapon and skills from the get-go. The multiplayer DLC unlocks an extra map.

See the full press release below:

LONDON AND SAN FRANCISCO (21st October, 2011) – SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced that the much anticipated third person, squad shooter Binary Domain™ will feature two distinctly different pre-order DLC packs.
The first pack focusses on enhancing Binary Domain’s single player experience; the ‘Dan Marshall Pack’ unlocks a brand new weapon and skills for the player’s character in Binary Domain, Sergeant Dan Marshall.
Dan is a member of the international Rust Crew charged with infiltrating robot defended Japan, and identifying the source of an illegal operation creating horrifically lifelike robots called ‘Hollow Children’. This unique pre order pack will give players access to the powerful ‘SOWSAR-17 SBMOD type G’ Assault Rifle, a significant upgrade to standard issue firepower. In addition to a powerful new weapon, players will also gain access to a number of unique bionic upgrades: Assault: Physical Enhancement I, Assault: Protective Coating and Assault: Quick Prompt. All of which make Dan more resilient, stronger and faster in combat action.
The second pack focuses on the recently revealed multiplayer aspects of Binary Domain: The ‘Multiplayer Pack’ gives access to an exclusive multiplayer map, ‘Outside High-rise, Upper City’ which can be played across a variety of Binary Domain’s multiplayer modes. In addition a new playable class is also unlocked, the ‘Ninja’ is offered for both teams; this unique playable character type is perfect for surprise attacks and adapting combat style to the situation. Finally this unique pre-order pack also contains two exclusive multiplayer weapon types the ‘Hoga Type 69’ Sniper Rifle for long range annihilation of enemies and the ‘Yamato-0’ Handgun, for more up close and personal work.
Binary Domain is a pioneering third-person squad shooter from the creators of the Yakuza series. Set in near-future Tokyo where climate change has caused many living in the lower city of Tokyo to live in poverty. With a central branching storyline, voice recognition in combat and conversation and AAA shooter mechanics Binary Domain offers something genuinely unique to the genre.
For more information about the game, please visit:

[Source: SEGA]

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