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Samurai Blood Show Released for iOS

SEGA have released a new iOS game. It’s called Samurai Blood Show and tower defence title with card-based elements of play.

Destructoid describes it in further detail: “The game blends card-based combat with tower-defense gameplay for some interesting results. Infantry cards possess their own strengths and weaknesses, and different offensive and defensive abilities. Moreover, different infantry types have varying movement options. You’ll be able to reposition your infantry during battle at the cost of gold. This not only adds a lot more flexibility to your strategies, but makes the game feel like a more fast-paced version of chess….Visually, the game is quite a looker. Using ancient Japanese art scrolls as inspiration, the look of the classic emaki paintings are accurately replicated and make the game look as if you are watching a painting come to life.”

The game is available now but is NOT available in English. This game is only in Japanese despite being released worldwide.

[Source: SEGAShiro]

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3 Responses to “Samurai Blood Show Released for iOS”

  1. Prokunte says:

    I think samurai bloodshow very nice but why this game have 1 song? I think music need more ! And i wish SBS will have more level

  2. Dan says:

    I got this game as soon as it came out on iOS and if my system is in Japanese the game runs in Japanese. If I switch my system language to English, the game runs completely in English. Help, tutorials and all.

  3. Timo says:

    This game is absolutely amazing, my favourite app on my ipad. Actually at the moment I seem to be playing this game more than games on my gaming consoles! I rate this game 10/10!

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