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Archive for January, 2009

Take a look at Phantasy Star Portable

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

I’ve talked about Phantasy Star Zero a while ago on the Nintendo DS, but there’s another handheld PS game on it’s way here from Japan. Phantasy Star Portable on the PSP looks to be as faithful a recreation of Universe on the go as can be, minus the online play I would imagine. SEGA UK have just released a video of the action, take a look.

Now personally, I’m looking forward more to Phantasy Star Zero, as I felt that PSU messed with the awesome formula of Phantasy Star Online a bit too much. That said, I’m pretty gutted that I have no real options to play it again on console – the Xbox servers are off, I don’t have a Gamecube anymore (thus no BB Adaptor) and I have no BB adaptor for my Dreamcast, thus making SCHTHACK unpossible. But, I have a PC. 🙂 Time to play that sucker once again. I may even head back to the non-online PSO’s and grind my character up. Man, I loved the Mines level for some weird reason.

Sega Rally Revo

Monday, January 19th, 2009

To kick off the addition of the Merchandise pages (Well the Seventh Generation only so far but give me a chance) and the empty Third Party Software pages, I have made a Review and added Merchandise information for Sega Rally (Aka Sega Rally Revo in other continents) on the XBox 360 and PS3.

Personally I would highly recommend the game. That may be because I am a massive fan of it, but it shocked me with how good it was. When I bought it, it was just a quick purchase, I thought it would be okay but nothing special and boy was I wrong. Check the review to find out why.
The Sega Rally review includes photographs of the boxart (May change these to scans in time) and in-game footage including imagery of the original 2 Sega Rally cars together and a picture each of the Sonic and Shadow skins used on two of the vehicles in-game.

As for Merchandise, you can expect to see a huge amount more covering alot more games as time goes on. The small amount of Sega Rally is just a start, the team at SegaDriven certainly have a vast amount more to share with you guys (In the sense of uploading images. Don’t touch my things tongue )
The Sega Rally Merchandise includes photos (May be changed to scans later) of the soundtrack’s inlay, booklet, cover and disc as well as photographs of the official Sega Rally T-shirt and Sega Rally Jacket (A professional Rally Jacket embossed with the Sega and Sega Rally logos).

I hope this gets you salivating for what’s to come. Now look at my geeky face. Ohhh yeaaa wink

Last chance to buy a Sega SC-3000H Brand New!

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Using the link below, you can purchase a brand new Sega SC-3000H from Australia. I bought one myself (To also help add info to this site) and it cost less than £50 including postage and packing to England!

If you’re really into SEGA, and want some cheap but extremely rare (These are exceptionally hard to come by) retro goodness, you really can’t go wrong with this. It’s a second generation computer system based on the SG-1000 console. The H series has an upgraded keyboard and increased RAM over the standard SC-3000. It takes SG-1000 cartridges, and can also be integrated with a Sega SF-7000 floppy disk desktop add-on.

The Yeno on the machine and in the box is the distribution company of the PAL model, however you can see on the machine itself that it still has “Manufactured by SEGA” on the right hand side of the machine. Yeno made no modifications to the machine itself, just slapped it’s name on there.

More information will be updated in the Second Generation Sega Hardware section soon (I have yet to recieve mine as I had it shipped via seamail) along with photos of it in High Definition and an opinion/Review of the machine. Hard to find Sega consoles from before the Master System, especially at such a low price. Get in there before the bargain is over.

Sega Yeno SC-3000H eBay Auction link
Sega SC-3000H

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