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Sega Rally Revo

To kick off the addition of the Merchandise pages (Well the Seventh Generation only so far but give me a chance) and the empty Third Party Software pages, I have made a Review and added Merchandise information for Sega Rally (Aka Sega Rally Revo in other continents) on the XBox 360 and PS3.

Personally I would highly recommend the game. That may be because I am a massive fan of it, but it shocked me with how good it was. When I bought it, it was just a quick purchase, I thought it would be okay but nothing special and boy was I wrong. Check the review to find out why.
The Sega Rally review includes photographs of the boxart (May change these to scans in time) and in-game footage including imagery of the original 2 Sega Rally cars together and a picture each of the Sonic and Shadow skins used on two of the vehicles in-game.

As for Merchandise, you can expect to see a huge amount more covering alot more games as time goes on. The small amount of Sega Rally is just a start, the team at SegaDriven certainly have a vast amount more to share with you guys (In the sense of uploading images. Don’t touch my things tongue )
The Sega Rally Merchandise includes photos (May be changed to scans later) of the soundtrack’s inlay, booklet, cover and disc as well as photographs of the official Sega Rally T-shirt and Sega Rally Jacket (A professional Rally Jacket embossed with the Sega and Sega Rally logos).

I hope this gets you salivating for what’s to come. Now look at my geeky face. Ohhh yeaaa wink

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