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The Sonic Show: The Complete Mess Collection

A compilation of themes and music from The Sonic Show YouTube channel. This is an unofficial release that has no direct association with SEGA. Released independently in 2014. A full review of this release can be read by clicking here.

Track List

1. Roarey Raccoon – A Summary of Eight Years (Intro)
2. Mr. Megabyte & Red Panda Audio – The Sonic Show Extended 2014 Theme
3. Red Panda Audio – The Sonic Show 2012 Bed Music
4. Red Panda Audio – The Sonic Show 2012 Theme
5. Hunter Bridges – The Sonic Show 2009 Theme
6. DJ EAR – The Sonic Show 2008 Theme
7. Noah Lipsey – The Sonic Show 2012 Theme (LIPSEY Remix)
8. Laffe the Fox – The Sonic Show 2012 Theme and Bed Mashup (Laffe Remix)
9. Mike Wilson & Jamie Egge Mann – #BADNIK (Selfie Parody)
10. Mauro & Jamie Egge Mann – What Does the Fox Say (Tails Parody)
11. Dr. Mack Foxx & Jamie Egge Mann – You Need a Moustache (Work Bitch Parody)
12. Tanner Bachnick & Jamie Egge Mann – Double Hedgehog (Double Rainbow Parody)
13. Max Firestorm – Tanner and the Game (Pinkie and the Brain Parody)
14. Alexandra Dallaire-Fortin & Roger Van Der Weide – Power of Friendship
15. DJ EAR – Blue Memories (2008 Theme Re-Imagining)

Additional Images

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