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SEGA Saturn Software Reviews

Game Review Rating Release Date Media Contents
Alien Trilogy N/A 1996 N/A
Burning Rangers N/A 1998 N/A
Choro Q Park N/A 1996 N/A
Christmas NiGHTS into dreams… N/A 1996 N/A
Clockwork Knight N/A 1995 N/A
Darius Gaiden N/A 1995 N/A
Daytona USA N/A 1995 N/A
Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition N/A 1996 N/A
Dead or Alive N/A 1997 N/A
Die Hard Trilogy 5/10 1996 Cover scan, instruction manual scan, disc scan, screenshots
Digital Pinball 9/10 1995 Cover scan, instruction manual scan, disc scan, screenshots
Dragon Force N/A 1996 N/A
Exhumed N/A 1996 N/A
F1 Challenge N/A 1995 N/A
Fighters Megamix N/A 1997 N/A
Fighting Vipers N/A 1995 N/A
Gale Racer N/A 1994 N/A
Golden Axe: The Duel N/A 1994 N/A
Hang On GP ’95 N/A 1995 N/A
Layer Section N/A 1995 N/A
Loaded N/A 1996 N/A
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete N/A 1996 N/A
Magical Drop III N/A 1997 N/A
Manx TT Superbike N/A 1997 N/A
Marvel Super Heroes N/A 1995 N/A
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter N/A 1998 N/A
Mobile Suit Gundam N/A 1997 N/A
Mobile Suit Z Gundam N/A 1997 N/A
NBA Jam Tournament Edition N/A 1994 N/A
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Iron Maiden N/A 1996 N/A
NiGHTS into dreams… N/A 1996 N/A
Pandemonium! N/A 1996 N/A
Panzer Dragoon II Zwei N/A 1996 N/A
Puyo Puyo Sun N/A 1997 N/A
Puzzle Bobble 2X N/A 1997 N/A
Quake N/A 1996 N/A
Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood N/A 1995 N/A
Saturn Bomberman N/A 1997 N/A
SEGA Ages N/A 1997 N/A
SEGA Rally Championship N/A 1996 N/A
SEGA Touring Car Championship (PC Review) 8/10 1998 Cover and disc scan, screenshots
Shin Shinobi Den/Shinobi X/Shinobi Legions N/A 1995 N/A
Shining Force III N/A 1997 N/A
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Nerawareta Miko N/A 1998 N/A
Shining Force III Scenario 3: Hyouheki no Jashinguu N/A 1998 N/A
Shining Wisdom N/A 1995 N/A
Shinseiki Evangelion N/A 1996 N/A
Shinseiki Evangelion: 2nd Impression N/A 1997 N/A
Side Pocket 2 N/A 1998 N/A
Snatcher N/A 1996 N/A
Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island N/A 1996 N/A
Sonic Jam N/A 1997 N/A
Sonic R N/A 1997 N/A
Space Invaders N/A 1996 N/A
Street Fighter II: The Interactive Movie N/A 1996 N/A
Street Fighter Collection N/A 1997 N/A
Street Fighter Zero/Street Fighter Alpha N/A 1996 N/A
Street Fighter Zero 2/Street Fighter Alpha 2 N/A 1996 N/A
Street Racer N/A 1996 N/A
Striker ’96 N/A 1996 N/A
Super Dimension Fortress Macross, The: Do You Remember Love N/A 1997 N/A
Theme Park N/A 1995 N/A
Thor: Seireiohkiden/The Legend of Oasis/The Story of Thor 2 N/A 1996 N/A
Tilt! 7/10 1996 Cover scan, instruction manual scan, disc scan, screenshots
Time Warner Interactive’s V.R. Virtua Racing N/A 1995 N/A
Tomb Raider N/A 1996 N/A
Virtua Cop 2 N/A 1997 N/A
Virtua Fighter N/A 1995 N/A
Virtua Fighter 2 N/A 1996 N/A
Virtua Fighter Kids N/A 1996 N/A
Virtua Fighter Remix N/A 1995 N/A
Virtual Hydlide N/A 1995 N/A
Virtual-On: Cyber Troopers N/A 1995 N/A
X-Men vs. Street Fighter N/A 1998 N/A
X-Men: Children of the Atom N/A 1996 N/A
Zero4 Champ DooZy-J Type-R N/A 1996 N/A

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