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Crush 40 – Rise Again

A 2012 EP release from Crush 40 that features the entirety of the self-titled EP as well as the charity single Song of Hope that was original released digitally with proceeds going towards the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami disaster fund.

None of the songs appear on any SEGA game soundtracks but ‘Sonic Youth’ contains numerous lyrical references to previous songs featured on past Sonic the Hedgehog game soundtracks. These include:

“Well, I’ve opened my heart” – Open Your Heart from Sonic Adventure
“And I’ve lived and learned” – Live & Learn from Sonic Adventure 2
“And I’ve taken a step in his world” – His World from Sonic the Hedgehog ’06
“Well, I’ve danced in the shadow” – All Hail Shadow from Shadow the Hedgehog
“And I’ve felt the sonic boom” – Sonic Boom from the 20th anniversary Sonic CD album
“And I am who I am with you” – I Am… All of Me from Shadow the Hedgehog
“Like a sonic hero” – Sonic Heroes from Sonic Heroes
“Or a knight in the wind” – Knight of the Wind from Sonic & The Black Knight
“Now you know what I’m made of” – What I’m Made Of… from Sonic Heroes
“You can watch me fly” – Watch Me Fly… from EA Sports Presents NASCAR Arcade
“Live life or die” – Live Life from Sonic & The Black Knight
“Never turn back, you and I” – Never Turn Back from Shadow the Hedgehog

Track List

01. Crush 40 – Sonic Youth
02. Crush 40 – One of Those Days
03. Crush 40 – Song of Hope
04. Crush 40 – Rise Again

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