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Pier Solar Back In Stock, Soundtrack Now Available For Pre-Order

Pier Solar, the massive new Mega Drive RPG from Water Melon Co. is now back in stock. The version in stock is the reprint edition that features the old-school, black square artwork that Mega Drive fans will know from earlier releases.

However, the reprint edition does not come with the CD soundtrack that is optional to use with the game. The soundtrack used to be available as a downloadable image which you could burn yourself so that those with the reprint edition could experience the game the same way those who got the first pressing did.

Well now Water Melon Co. have made a 4 disc special edition of the soundtrack available for pre-order. The 4 disc edition contains the original soundtrack on 2 discs, as well as a disc of remixes and another disc which contains the soundtrack for use with the reprint edition.

The soundtrack is not expected to be released until the 1st April 2012 (this better not be an April Fools!) so there’s plenty of time to place an order. You can place an order at the official Water Melon Shop here: CLICK HERE

[Source: Water Melon Co.]

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