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Wacky World of Sports Review

Mini-games. The Wii has far too many collections of these pointless excuses for gaming. However, the sad truth is; they sell. It seems every software developer is taking their share of mini-game pie and now SEGA are here for a slice. Unfortunately, to say their slice is unique is a different story. SEGA are definitely sharing their slice with Ubisoft and Rayman Raving Rabbids. Are we done with this analogy now?

Wacky World of Sports takes the concept of a collection of well known sports and turns the original rules on their heads by adding a ‘wacky’ twist to them. Motorsport racing? Well how about furniture racing! Curling? How about cheese-rolling! Golf? How about ice-golf! Wait, ice-golf? Yes, Wacky World of Sports tries a little too hard to find interesting and unique ideas for its’ sports. Sometimes, they’re really not that wacky in the slightest.

Let’s begin with the plus points; Wacky World of Sports looks the business. SEGA continue to dominate the Wii and turn it into the second coming of the Dreamcast. Wacky World of Sports really does look like it could have come straight from the Dreamcast era. It has a very authentic, SEGA feel to it. The game’s presentation is also styled to be quite humorous. All the characters and backdrops are completely over the top which makes for an interesting aesthetic. We especially like the painfully obvious Naruto rip-off in the shape of the Sasuke Lee character. I didn’t think I’d ever see SEGA take a crack at a popular anime, but here we are!

There’s also a nice selection of varied and well executed mini-games to play here. Fierljeppen sees you running, climbing and then vaulting over a river using a pole. Extreme Ironing sees you jumping out of a plane and then performing specific actions similar to a rhythm game in order to iron as many items of clothing as you can before you reach the ground. Lawn Mower Racing does exactly what it says on the tin but with added power-ups and weapons to use against your rivals. Most games in this collection all use an existing sport and twist it slightly to make it more exciting.

But that’s the main problem with Wacky World of Sports; most of these games just aren’t that exciting or different enough from the original sport they’re based on. For instance, Ice Golf is just a normal game of golf played in an Arctic environment. All this means is that when your body temperature reaches 0 you will freeze and lose valuable points. All this game boils down to is a faster game of golf. It plays very well but this game promised wackiness and craziness. All I’m getting is golf.

The same goes for other games like Tuna Tossing which is based on the hammer throw. Rhythmically spin a tuna and launch it to throw it the furthest you can. All that’s been added is the addition of making your tuna flap its’ fins in order to make it glide further. Unfortunately, all this comes down to is frantically waving the Wii remote around like a maniac.

The other problem we have with Wacky World of Sports is its’ sound. At first the game appears to be very vibrant and appealing but after listening to the announcer say ‘Yes!’ in a very camp way every time you press A to accept, you’ll soon want to rip your own ears off. Let’s be fair, each character has been realised very well but the announcer definitely gets the ‘wackiest’ treatment. His overt and campy attitude will soon irritate you to no end and the constant repetition of him saying ‘Yes!’ is a step too far.

In the end, Wacky World of Sports is an endearing and decent enough way to spend a few hours with the family, casually playing some well executed mini games. Sooner or later, you will realise this has all been done before in other collections and the promise of a ‘Wacky World of Sports’ was literally a bargaining tactic to make you shell out more cash for a repackaged product.


Written by Sonic Yoda on 30/05/09


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