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True Colors: The Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Part 2

A follow-up compilation to the True Blue compilation released in 2008 that contains a selection of Sonic the Hedgehog franchise themes. Features the first CD release of music from the Sonic the Hedgehog OVA and an unauthorised remix by Bentley Jones that would lead to them no longer collaborating with SEGA on any compsoition work going forward.

Track List

1. Kenichi Tokoi – Un-gravitify
2. LB (Remix Factory) – Dreams of an Absolution
3. Fumie Kumatani – Throw it All Away
4. Paul Shortino – E.G.G.M.A.N.
5. Julien-K – Waking Up
6. Julien-K – This Machine
7. Fumie Kumatani – Fly in the Freedom
8. Fumie Kumatani – My Sweet Passion
9. Jun Senoue – Believe in Myself (SA2 Version)
10. Kenichi Tokoi – Unknown from M.E. (SA2 Version)
11. Fumie Kumatani – Theme from E-102γ
12. Keiko Utoku – Cosmic Eternity – Believe in Yourself
13. Mitsuhiro Tada – Look-a-like (Short Edited ver.) (Bonus Track)
14. Naofumi Hataya – Sonic3 MegaD Mix (Bonus Track)
15. Ted Poley – Lazy Days – Livin’ in Paradise (Original Demo – Mixed with Ted Poley) (Bonus Track)
16. Jun Senoue & Mike Szuter – All Hail Shadow (Hybrid Mix feat. Mike Szuter) (Bonus Track)
17. Tomoya Ohtani – Dreams of an Absolution (Starry Night Remix) (Bonus Track)
18. LB (Remix Factory) – Open Your Heart (K-Klub Remix) (Bonus Track)

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