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Tianli TL-K989GE Education VCD Player

The Tianli TL-K989GE Education VCD Player is a combination VCD player and Mega Drive console developed by Xin Tianli Electronics Ltd. under official license from SEGA for the Chinese market.

Tianli formed a partnership with SEGA in 1998 to developed VCD players with built-in Mega Drive hardware. Games for the Tianli systems are not played via cartridges like a traditional Mega Drive and are actually stored as ROM files on special SEGA VCD compilations. Games are then selected from a menu once the game VCD has loaded and then the entire ROM files loads into memory to play via the Mega Drive hardware. Loading often takes quite a long time.

The Tianli TL-K989GE Education VCD Player features 2 Mega Drive controller ports on the back of the unit to allow interactivity with any loaded Mega Drive software.


Image credit to DCMaster on Flickr

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