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The Revenge of Shinobi – Composed by Yuzo Koshiro (Vinyl Release by Data Discs)


A 2017 vinyl release of Yuzo Koshiro’s soundtrack to the Mega Drive game The Revenge of Shinobi. This is the 9th SEGA vinyl release by Data Discs. This is the limited edition pressing on bone white vinyl with black splatter. The record contains quotes related to the game etched in the run-out grooves. Larger pressings are also available on plain white vinyl and black vinyl. The record plays at 45rpm.

Track List

Side A
01. Yuzo Koshiro – Opening
02. Yuzo Koshiro – Long Distance
03. Yuzo Koshiro – The Shinobi
04. Yuzo Koshiro – Terrible Beat
05. Yuzo Koshiro – Sunrise Blvd.
06. Yuzo Koshiro – Make Me Dance
07. Yuzo Koshiro – Like a Wind
08. Yuzo Koshiro – Run or Die
09. Yuzo Koshiro – Round Clear

Side B
10. Yuzo Koshiro – Ninja Step
11. Yuzo Koshiro – The Dark City
12. Yuzo Koshiro – China Town
13. Yuzo Koshiro – Over the Bay
14. Yuzo Koshiro – Labyrinth
15. Yuzo Koshiro – The Ninja Master
16. Yuzo Koshiro – Silence Night
17. Yuzo Koshiro – My Lover
18. Yuzo Koshiro – Failure
19. Yuzo Koshiro – Game Over

Additional Images

shinobi02 shinobi03 shinobi04 shinobi05 shinobi06 shinobi07

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