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Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Selection

A double CD compilation of Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack highlights taken from the first 25 years of Sonic games. The boxset also includes a bonus DVD that contains trailers and promotional videos for various Sonic games. The liner notes are printed on the back of 2 fold-out posters and a sticker of the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th anniversary logo is also included.

Track List

Disc 1
01. STH1 Green Hill Zone ~ Mega Drive Version ~
02. STH2 Special Stage ~ Mega Drive Version ~
03. STH3 Special Stage
04. S&K Sky Sanctuary Zone
05. Palmtree Panic
06. Can You Feel the Sunshine?
07. Mt. Red: A Symbol of Thrill
08. Join Us 4 Happy Time
09. It Doesn’t Matter ver.2
10. That’s The Way I Like It
11. Neo Green Hill
12. Sonic Heroes [Opening ver.]
13. We Can
14. Wave Ocean -The Inlet-
15. Theme of Metal City
16. A New Venture
17. Windmill Isle – Day
18. Rooftop Run – Day
19. Reach for the Stars – Short ver.
20. Aquarium Park – Act1
21. Escape from the City – Cash Cash RMX
22. Seaside Hill: Act2
23. Windy Hill – Zone1
24. Main Theme of Sonic Toon
25. Beyond the Speed Of…

Disc 2
01. STH1 Scrap Brain Zone ~ Mega Drive Version ~
02. STH2 Chemical Plant Zone ~ Mega Drive Version ~
03. STH3 Angel Island Zone Act2
04. S&K Death Egg Zone Act1
05. Introduction… featuring “Open Your Heart”
06. Skydeck A Go! Go!
07. Vengeance is Mine
08. For True Story
09. Rail Canyon
10. I Am… All of Me [Opening ver.]
11. Westopolis
12. Theme of Sonic the Hedgehog -2006 E3 Version-
13. Crisis City -The Flame-Skyscraper-Whirlwind-Tornado-
14. Sonic Speed Riders
15. High and Broken
16. Un-gravitify
17. Werehog Battle Theme
18. Super Sonic vs. Perfect Dark Gaia
19. With Me
20. Free [Opening ver.]
21. Planet Wisp – Act1
22. vs. Nega-Wisp Armor – Phase 2
23. Boss: Metal Sonic
24. The Deadly Six Theme
25. Theory of Attack

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