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Sonic Free Riders Original Soundtrack – Break Free –

The complete soundtrack to the Kinect racing game Sonic Free Riders. All music composed by Tomonori Sawada and Koji Sakurai except the opening theme Free which was composed by Jun Senoue. A Crush 40 rendition of Free is also included as a bonus track. This copy is signed by Jun Senoue.

Track List

01. Jun Senoue – Free (Main Theme of Sonic Free Riders)
02. Tomonori Sawada – Start-Up Your EX Gear! (Free Riders Version)
03. Tomonori Sawada – Theme of Dolphin Resort
04. Koji Sakurai – Theme of Rocky Ridge
05. Tomonori Sawada – Theme of Frozen Forest
06. Koji Sakurai – Theme of Metropolis Speedway
07. Koji Sakurai – Theme of Magma Rift
08. Tomonori Sawada – Theme of Forgotten Tomb
09. Koji Sakurai – Theme of Final Factory
10. Tomonori Sawada – Theme of Metal City
11. Tomonori Sawada – Get Ready for the Big Event
12. Crush 40 – Free (Crush 40 Version)

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