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SEGACon: The Best of SEGA Game Music Vol. 1

A collection of SEGA music from a vast variety of games. Part 1 of a 6 disc set. This set contains the first 3 discs.

Track List

Disc 1
01. Bonus Track 1
02. Odd Number Screen BGM (Ashura)
03. Even Number Screen BGM (Ashura)
04. Alex Kidd (Alex Kidd in Miracle World)
05. HAYA OH (Space Harrier)
06. BRIGHT RAYS (Space Harrier 3D)
07. Planet Palma (Phantasy Star)
08. Planet Motavia (Phantasy Star)
09. Dungeon 1 (Phantasy Star)
10. Dungeon 2 (Phantasy Star)
11. Ending (Hoshi o sagashite…)
12. Harima’s First Physical Exercises (Aa Harimanada)
13. TITLE (Vermilion)
14. SHINOBI (Super Shinobi 2)
15. BONUS STAGE (Shadow Dancer)
16. FAIRY’S HARP (Sorcerian)
17. Title Demo (Phantasy Star II)
18. Battle (Phantasy Star II)
19. Boss Battle (Phantasy Star II)
20. Theme (Phantasy Star III)
21. Field 1 (Phantasy Star III)
22. Ending Staff Roll (Phantasy Star III)
23. THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM (Phantasy Star End of The Millennium)
24. FIELD OF MOTABIA (Phantasy Star End of The Millennium)
25. LAUGHTER (Phantasy Star End of The Millennium)
26. THE PROMISSING FUTURE (Phantasy Star End of The Millennium)
27. Bonus Track 2
28. Jagajogo (Switch (Panic)
29. REPLAY (Virtua Racing Deluxe)

Disc 2
02. SPLASH WAVE (OutRun)
04. LAST WAVE (OutRun)
05. Splash Wave (1993) (OutRunners)
06. FINAL TAKE OFF (After Burner)
07. AFTER BURNER (After Burner)
08. Beginner’s Course BGM (Indy 500)
09. System Down (SDI)
10. Illusion (SDI)
11. Main BGM (Enduro Racer)
12. Quartet Theme (Quartet)
13. BEYOND THE GALAXY (Galaxy Force)
14. DEFEAT (Galaxy Force)
15. Origin ~Awakening~ (Gain Ground)
16. ¿Qué es su nombre? (Samba De Amigo Ver. 2000)

Disc 3
01. Outride A Crisis (Super Hang On)
02. SPRINTER (Super Hang On)
03. Winning Run (Super Hang On)
04. Advertise (Sky Target)
05. MAIN THEME -SPACE HARRIER- (Space Harrier)
06. Advertise (Sega Strike Fighter)
07. GO!GO! Sega Rally (Sega Rally 2)
08. RUSH A DIFFICULTY (Turbo OutRun)
09. Strange Duck (Dynamite Dux)
10. LET’S GO AWAY (Daytona USA)
11. SKY HIGH (Daytona USA)
12. IN THE BLUE SKY (Virtual-On)
13. FADE TO BLACK (Virtual-On)
14. Fighting Exercise (Virtua Fighter 2)
15. LIKE THE WIND (Power Drift)
16. OPA-OPA! (Fantasy Zone)
17. YA-DA-YO (Fantasy Zone)
18. ACT Start ~ POPCORN [Main BGM] ~ ACT Clear (Pengo)

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