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SEGA SK-1100 SG-1000 Series Keyboard

The SK-1100 SG-1000 Series Keyboard is a keyboard peripheral for the SG-1000, SG-1000 II and SEGA Mark III that gives users access to software developed for the SC-3000 home computer. 26 unique SG-1000 titles require additional keyboard support. The SK-1100 keyboard also includes ports that give it access to a printer (model number SP-400) and a cassette recorder (model number SR-1000) as some SC-3000 software was distributed on cassette. The cassette recorder also allows the user to save and load data. It is possible to code in the BASIC coding language using the keyboard and an SG-1000 cartridge copy of the BASIC software. The SK-1100 keyboard also features rubber keys, similar to that of a ZX Spectrum.


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