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SEGA SC-3000 Personal Computer

The SC-3000 is SEGA’s only foray into the world of home computing. The system itself is built on the same architecture as the SG-1000 but comes with a built-in keyboard, 2 joystick ports, a cartridge slot and connectivity to a monitor, cassette recorder and printer. A stock SG-1000 could also be expanded to have the same functionality as an SC-3000 by purchasing the SK-1100 keyboard. The computer is made to run the BASIC programming language and various iterations of BASIC are available for the SC-3000 via ROM cartridges. The SC-3000 would receive one hardware revision in the form of the SC-3000H which replaces the rubber keys with a fully mechanical keyboard. Additional software can be played on the SC-3000 via additional ROM cartridges or cassettes which can be used with an additional cassette recorder (model number SR-1000). The SC-3000 is fully compatible with all SG-1000 ROM cartridges, but not the SEGA Card releases.


Zilog Z80 @ 3.58 MHz

256 × 192 resolution, 16 colors, 32 on-screen sprites
Texas Instruments TMS9928A

Texas Instruments SN76489

2kB of work RAM
16kB of VRAM
32kB of ROM

ROM cartridge, cassette


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