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SEGA-Related Magazine Features

Please note that any multi-format magazines that feature in this section will only be issues that have a SEGA title as its cover feature.

dcuk11-01 001 DC-UK

A UK independent Dreamcast magazine published by Future plc and founded by ex-Edge deputy editor Caspar Field. The magazine ran from August 1999 to March 2001.

Page Images
Issue 11, July 2000 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

Dreamcast Magazine

A UK independent Dreamcast magazine that ran for 34 issues from 1999 to 2002. Published by Paragon Publishing. Infamous for being the longest running Dreamcast magazine in the UK; even longer than the official Dreamcast magazine.

Page Images
Issue 7, March 2000 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

Dreamcast Monthly

A UK independent Dreamcast magazine that ran for 17 issues from 1999 to 2001. Published by Quay Magazine Publishing.

Page Images
Issue 7, April 2000 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

Dreamcast Press

A Japanese Dreamcast magazine and the successor to Great Saturn Z magazine. Published by Mainichi Communications from 1998 to 2000.

Page Images
Issue 12, December 1998, Sonic Adventure Feature – [COVER] [01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07] [08]

dc19-01 001 Dreamcast: The Official Dreamcast Magazine

The UK’s official Dreamcast magazine, published by Dennis Publishing. Originally a monthly publication, the magazine moved to a bimonthly release schedule as the lack of new Dreamcast releases meant that there wasn’t enough content to release a monthly demo disc with each issue.

Additional Images
Issue 19, May 2001 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

Game Informer

Game Informer is a monthly multi-format gaming magazine published exclusively in North America through GameStop. Publication started in August 1991 and the magazine was initially produced as an in-house newsletter sold in FuncoLand retailers. GameStop purchases FuncoLand in 2000 and has continued to keep Game Informer in publication, releasing a new issue every 5 weeks.

Additional Images
Issue 358, July 2023 – [COVER] [BACK COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]


Gamepro was an American multi-format games magazine that was in circulation from 1989 to October 2011 and published by International Data Group.

Additional Images
Issue 52, November 1993 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

gamesmaster01 001 Games Master

Games Master was a long-running multi-format games magazine published in the UK by Future plc. The first issue debuted in January 1993 and the magazine ceased publication in November 2018. It was originally launched to compliment the television show of the same name, which ran from 1992 to 1998 on Channel 4.

Additional Images
The Ultimate Collector’s Edition Issue 4: Sonic 20th Anniversary, June 2011 – [FRONT COVER] [BACK COVER]

Great Saturn Z

A Japanese SEGA Saturn magazine that ran from 1996 to 1998 and published by Mainichi Communications.

Additional Images
July 1997 Issue – [COVER] [BACK COVER]


Harmony was the official SEGA magazine/newsletter of SEGA Japan. It was distributed internally to SEGA Japan employees and ran for 163 issues, with the last issue being published in 1999. It is unknown as to when Harmony began publication, but it is rumored to be as early as the late 1960s/early 1970s. Many of the exclusive cover paintings were later re-used for Sonic the Screensaver in 1996. Many thanks to Mark Hughes for supplying images of issue 154.

Additional Images
Issue 154, November/December 1997 – [FRONT COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

mean05 001
Mean Machines SEGA

Mean Machines SEGA was an off-shoot magazine that split from the original Mean Machines publication when the UK games market moved to an arena where SEGA and Nintendo became market leaders. Published by EMAP.

Additional Images
Issue 5, January 1993 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 5, February 1993 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 9, July 1993 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 18, April 1994 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 32, June 1995 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]


Mega was a UK Mega Drive, Mega-CD and later on, 32X-focused magazine published by Future Publishing. It ran for 37 issues from October 1992 to October 1995.

Additional Images
Issue 8, May 1993 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

megaaction2-01 001
Mega Action

Mega Action was a Mega Drive and Mega-CD-focused magazine published by Europress Interactive. The magazine was a console-specific off-shoot that was a part of the “Action” family which also included Amiga Action, ST Action and more. It ran for 11 issues from June 1993 to March 1994.

Additional Images
Issue 2, July 1993 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

mdadvance4-01 001 Mega Drive Advanced Gaming

A UK independent SEGA magazine. Published by Maverick Magazines.

Additional Images
Issue 4, December 1992 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 5, January 1993 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 6, February 1993 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 8, April 1993 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 9, May 1993 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 15, November 1993 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

megapower10-01 001 Mega Power

A UK independent SEGA magazine with a particular focus on the Mega-CD. Published by Paragon Publishing.

Additional Images
Issue 10, May 1994 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

megatech8-01 001 MegaTech

A UK independent SEGA magazine with a particular focus on the Mega Drive. Published by EMAP and Maverick Magazines.

Additional Images
Issue 8, August 1992 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 15, March 1993 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 19, July 1993 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

nintendoofficial-01 001 Nintendo: The Official Magazine

The official UK Nintendo magazine. Originally published by EMAP before later being sold to and published by Future plc. Founded in February 2006 and ran until October 2014.

Additional Images
Issue 29, May 2008 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

ps2official100-01 001 Playstation 2: Official Magazine UK

The official UK Playstation 2 magazine, published by Future Publishing UK. Founded in December 2000 and ran until July 2008.

Additional Images
Issue 100, July 2008 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

retrofusion1-01 001 Retro Fusion

A short-lived UK independent retro games magazine that was initially produced for a games event and later distributed in Gamestation stores.

Additional Images
Issue 1, April 2006 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

retrogamer27-1 001 Retro Gamer

A UK-based retro gaming multi-format magazine founded in 2004 and originally published by Live Publishing before being purchased by Imagine Publishing. In 2016 Future Publishing purchased Imagine and have continued to publish Retro Gamer since.

Additional Images
Issue 27, July 2006 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 45, December 2007 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 50, April 2008 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 54, August 2008 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 62, March 2009 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 71, December 2009 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 91, June 2011 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 117, June 2013 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 128, April 2014 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 130, June 2014 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 134, October 2014 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

Saturn Fan

A Japanese SEGA Saturn magazine published by Tokuma Shoten from 1994 to 1998. The magazine was a successor to Mega Drive Fan magazine and became Dreamcast Fan after the final issue in 1998.

Additional Images
Sonic Jam Feature, August 1997 – [COVER] [01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06]

saturn10-01 001 Saturn Power

An independent SEGA Saturn magazine and a direction continuation of SEGA Power magazine. The publication was re-launched once the SEGA Saturn was released. Published by Future plc.

Additional Images
Issue 10, February 1998 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

force7front 001
SEGA Force

A UK independent SEGA magazine. Published by Europress Impact/Impact Magazines.

Additional Images
Issue 2, February 1992 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 7, July 1992 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

SEGA Force Mega

A fanzine continuation of SEGA Force published by Fusion Retro Books. Despite using a similar name and logo to the 90s SEGA Force magazine, this publication is related in name only and features no contributions from the original SEGA Force writing team. Each issue is around 60 pages long and presented in an A5 format. Edited by Stephen Andrews and Simon Pike (previously of SEGA Mania), with writing contributions from Alex Aldridge, Rob Kirkup, Faith Johnson and David Smillie. Design and layout handled by Ben Honebone. Publication started in December 2023.

Additional Images
Issue 1, December 2023 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT 1] [INSIDE SHOT 2]
Issue 2, March 2024 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT 1] [INSIDE SHOT 2]


A Japanese SEGA magazine that took particular focus on Mega Drive software and SEGA amusement parks. The magazine was succeeded by Japan’s own SEGA Magazine.

Additional Images
Issue 4, 1995 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 5, 1995 – [COVER]


A Japanese multi format SEGA Saturn/Dreamcast magazine that ran from 1997 to 2000. The magazine was preceded by SEGA Magazine.

Additional Images
February/March 1998 Issue – [COVER]
April/May 1998 Issue – [COVER]
June/July 1998 Issue – [COVER]
August/September 1998 Issue – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT 1] [INSIDE SHOT 2] [INSIDE SHOT 3]
October/November 1998 Issue – [COVER]
December/January 1998/1999 Issue – [COVER]
February/March 1999 Issue – [COVER]
April/May 1999 Issue – [COVER]
June/July 1999 Issue – [COVER]
December/January 1999/2000 – [COVER]
February/March 2000 – [COVER]

SEGA Magazine

The official British SEGA magazine that started publication in 1994. The magazine began when publisher EMAP decided to stop production of Mean Machines SEGA. Many writers from Mean Machines SEGA would end up working on SEGA Magazine and later Official SEGA Saturn Magazine.

Additional Images
Issue 9, September 1994 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 13, January 1995 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 17, May 1995 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

SEGA Mania

A short-lived independently produced SEGA fanzine from the UK that started in July 2021 and ceased publication in November 2022 after 7 issues. The SEGA Mania team consist of Simon Pike, Sam Forrester and Tim Hugall. A full review of issue 1 can be read by clicking here.

Additional Images
Issue 1, July 2021 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

segapower37 001
SEGA Power

An independent magazine with a focus on SEGA hardware that proudly boasted it was “Britain’s best-selling independent SEGA magazine”. When the SEGA Saturn was launched, the magazine was re-launched as Saturn Power. The magazine is famous for its cover-mounted books, some of which feature in our SEGA Book Catalogue. Published by Future PLC.

Additional Images
Issue 37, December 1992 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 50, January 1994 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 60, November 1994 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 70, September 1995 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

SEGA Powered

A new SEGA-themed fanzine from the UK edited by Dean Mortlock of SEGA Power fame. Publication started in December 2021. The fanzine also features deputy editor Neil Randall and staff writers Paul Monaghan and Marc Jowett. Certain articles are also authored by a changing selection of guest contributors.

Additional Images
Issue 3, April 2022 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

pro48front 001

A UK independent SEGA magazine. Published by Paragon Publishing.

Additional Images
Issue 48, August 1994 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

SEGA Saturn Magazine (Japan)

Japan’s official SEGA Saturn magazine that ran from 1995 to 1998. The magazine was published by SoftBank.

Additional Images
Issue 18, June 6th 1998 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

segasat22-01 001 SEGA Saturn Magazine (UK)

The UK’s official SEGA Saturn magazine. Also acts as a relaunched SEGA Magazine and features many of the same staff as SEGA Magazine. Published by EMAP.

Additional Images
Issue 22, August 1997 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

segazone3-01 001 SEGA Zone

An indepedent UK SEGA magazine that focused on games released on the SEGA Mega Drive, Mega-CD, Master System and Game Gear. Published by Dennis Publishing before being sold to Future Publishing and Maverick Magazines for later issues.

Additional Images
Issue 1, November 1992 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]
Issue 3, January 1993 – [COVER] [INSIDE SHOT]

Sonic The Hedgehog: Ultimate Action Pack

A one-off Sonic the Hedgehog-themed activity magazine published by Story House Egmont Ltd and released in the UK in December 2023. The pack includes a magazine, 120 stickers, a cut-out Sonic mask, a disc launcher shaped like a PSP, a fidget toy and a key ring. The magazine contains fact sheets, puzzles, colouring pages and cut-out posters.

Additional Images

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