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SEGA Master System II/III Compact

The Master System II was a budget redesign of the original Master System released in 1990. This revision removes compatibility with SEGA Card software as well as only offering the user RF video out. The angular, trapezoid design of the original was changed to a smaller, curved design that features a sliding cartridge door. The reset button and unused expansion ports have also been removed. Like the original North American and European Master System Power Bases, the Master System II also has no connection port for the SEGAScope 3-D Glasses.

In Brazil, the console is actually the third revision of the Master System and is named the Master System III Compact accordingly. This Power Base design was also used for the Brazil-only run of Master System 3 Collection consoles, but in white instead of black. These systems feature a large amount of built-in games. The Master System II was developed specifically for Western markets and as a result it was not released in Japan. Each Master System II is programmed with a built-in game. Originally this was Alex Kidd in Miracle World but was changed to Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991.


Zilog Z80A @ 4 MHz

8 kB RAM, 16 kB VRAM

256 × 192 resolution, 32 colors on-screen

Yamaha YM2602B VDP

Yamaha VDP PSG(SN76489)

ROM cartridge, SEGA card


Images kindly provided by Mark Hughes

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