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SEGA Game Music Vol. 2

This disc’s focus is on Fantasy Zone and includes its’ complete soundtrack. Music for Hang-On, Enduro Racer and Quartet is also featured.

Track List

01. Opa-Opa! (Fantasy Zone)
02. Shopping (Fantasy Zone)
03. Keep on the Beat (Fantasy Zone)
04. Saari (Fantasy Zone)
05. Prome (Fantasy Zone)
06. Round Up (Fantasy Zone)
07. Hot Snow (Fantasy Zone)
08. Don’t Stop (Fantasy Zone)
09. Dreaming Tomorrow (Fantasy Zone)
10. Boss (Fantasy Zone)
11. Ya-Da-Yo (Fantasy Zone)
12. Victory Way (Fantasy Zone)
13. Game Over (Fantasy Zone)
14. Advertise (Hang On)
15. Hang On (Hang On)
16. Goal ! (Hang On)
17. Your Name? (Hang On)
18. BGM1 (Enduro Racer)
19. Main BGM (Enduro Racer)
20. BGM2 (Enduro Racer)
21. BGM3 (Enduro Racer)
22. BGM4 (Enduro Racer)
23. Miami Samba Machine (Quartet)
24. FM Funk (Quartet)
25. Sky (Quartet)
26. Quartet Theme (Quartet)
27. Oki_Rap (Quartet)
28. Stage Clear (Quartet)

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