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SEGA Fish Life

The SEGA Fish Life unit was a piece of hardware based on the Dreamcast’s architecture that was sold to Japanese businesses as a way to add a virtual aquarium to their decor. Like the Dreamcast, the Fish Life unit runs on GD-ROM software and 2 pieces of software were available for the system – Fish Life: Red Sea and Fish Life: Amazon. Both contain virtual aquariums which is perfect for betta fish tank size but the wildlife featured is different and relevant to the Red Sea and Amazon environments. The disk drive for the unit is placed on the back of the system and there are additional 9 pin ports that were presumably made for additional peripherals that were never released. The base unit is connected to a supplied flat-panel, touch screen monitor that also features internal speakers, a headphone jack, a built-in microphone, buttons for adjusting the display and SEGA branding on the fascia. Connection to the monitor and base unit is done via a composite video output on the rear of the base unit. The rear of the base unit also features the power switch as well a series of DIP switches. Users interact with the software through use of the monitor’s touch screen as well as the built-in microphone.


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