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The SC-3000H is a simple hardware revision to the SC-3000 personal computer that replaces the original rubber, membrane keyboard out with a fully mechanical keyboard. This is similar to comparable computers of the time, like the Commodore 64. The SC-3000H was released in late 1993 in Japan and would also receive an Australian release in 1994. The computer is available in 3 case designs – black, white and red. Japanese models feature additional katakana characters on their keyboards. Outside of the change to a mechanical keyboard, the system operates identically to the original SC-3000.


Zilog Z80 @ 3.58 MHz

256 × 192 resolution, 16 colors, 32 on-screen sprites
Texas Instruments TMS9928A

Texas Instruments SN76489

2kB of work RAM
16kB of VRAM
32kB of ROM

ROM cartridge, cassette


Photo credits to 1000 BiT, Mercado Livre and The Emporium

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