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Saturn Sampler

A free CD compilation that came as the cover-mount disc on Mean Machines SEGA issue 39, released in January 1996. Contains selections from Victory Goal, Daytona USA, Thunderhawk 2, Blam! Machinehead, Shellshock, Off World Interceptor Extreme, Virtua Fighter, SEGA Rally Championship and Shinobi X.

Track List

01. Jun Senoue – Sega Chant: Victory Goal
02. Jun Senoue – Chase The Wind: Victory Goal
03. Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – King Of Speed: Daytona USA
04. Martin Iveson – Title Music: Thunderhawk 2
05. Nathan McCree – Devolve: Blam! Machinehead
06. Nathan McCree – Esoteric: Blam! Machinehead
07. Nathan McCree – Purple Sunshine: Blam! Machinehead
08. Martin Iveson – Track 4: Thunderhawk 2
09. Martin Iveson – Track 2: Shellshock
10. Burke Trieschmann – Theme From Scorch: Off World Interceptor Extreme
11. Burke Trieschmann – Theme From Bastion: Off World Interceptor Extreme
12. Takayuki Nakamura – Sarah’s Theme: Virtua Fighter
13. Takayuki Nakamura – Akira’s Theme: Virtua Fighter
14. Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – Ignition: Sega Rally
15. Richard Jacques – Title Music: Shinobi X
16. Richard Jacques – Stage 9 Music: Shinobi X
17. Jun Senoue – Everyone’s A Hero: Victory Goal

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