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Saturn Power No. 3: Block-Rocking Beats

The 3rd cover disc from Saturn Power magazine isn’t a demo disc but a collection of music from various Saturn games that include Swagman, Fighting Force, Blam! Machinehead, Sonic 3D Blast, Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition, Shinobi X and UEFA Euro 96 England. A really interesting inclusion is 2 tracks from Martin Iveson’s soundtrack to the unreleased Saturn title, Ninja. Ninja would eventually be completed and released on Playstation as Ninja: Shadow of Darkness.

Track List

01) Nathan McCree – X Files- Swagman
02) Nathan McCree – Albern- Swagman
03) Martin Iveson – Oriental- Ninja
04) Martin Iveson – Hypnotic- Ninja
05) Martin Iveson – Weird- Ninja
06) Martin Iveson – Level 1- Fighting Force
07) Martin Iveson – Level 2- Fighting Force
08) Nathan McCree – Techno Heads- Blam! Machinehead
09) Nathan McCree – Firestarter- Blam! Machinehead
10) Richard Jacques – Special Stage- Sonic 3D Blast
11) Richard Jacques – Gene Gadget Zone-Sonic 3D Blast
12) Richard Jacques – Intermission- Sonic 3D Blast
13) Richard Jacques – Rusty Ruin Zone- Sonic 3D Blast
14) Richard Jacques – Volcano Valley Zone- Sonic 3D Blast
15) Richard Jacques – Diamond Dust Zone- Sonic 3D Blast
16) Richard Jacques – Boss Stage- Sonic 3D Blast
17) Richard Jacques – Funk Fair- Daytona CCE
18) Richard Jacques – Sword Down- Shinobi X
19) Neil Biggin – Unknown- Euro ’96
20) Unknown Artist – Sega Commercial

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