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Promotional Material

Castle Fine Art Presents 25th Anniversary Sonic the Hedgehog Card

A promotional card that advertises the 25th Anniversary Sonic the Hedgehog fine art line sold at Castle Fine Art galleries.

Additional Images
Front of Card
Inside Card 01
Inside Card 02
Back of Card

Drop Dead Sonic the Hedgehog Clothing Line Flyer

A promotional flyer that advertises the Sonic the Hedgehog clothing line from Drop Dead.

Additional Images
Front of Flyer
Back of Flyer

Joypolis Items

The Joypolis is a large SEGA-operated in-door theme park located in Odaiba, Tokyo. It originally opened in 1994 in Yokohama before changing location to Odaiba. The Joypolis venue in Odaiba continues to operate to this day. The items listed below are from an addition Joypolis venue in Niigata that operated from 1995 to 1998. Huge thanks to Mark Hughes for supplying these scans.

Additional Images
Joypolis Brochure 01
Joypolis Brochure 02
Joypolis Brochure 03
Joypolis Postcard 01
Joypolis Postcard 02
Joypolis Ticket 01
Joypolis Ticket 02

Manga Entertainment Pamphlet

Promotional pages for Phantasy Star Online 2 and Valkyria Chronicles II are featured in this advertising pamphlet that was included in various home video releases from Manga Entertainment.

Additional Images
Phantasy Star Portable 2 Pages
Valkyria Chronicles 2 Pages

Project Sonic Postcard

This postcard produced by SEGA Japan was made to promote the Project Sonic initiative. This advertising banner was used to raise awareness for the Sonic the Hedgehog brand during the late 90s and appeared on the SEGA Saturn games Sonic Jam, Sonic R and Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island. A huge thanks to Mark Hughes for providing these scans.

Additional Images
Project Sonic Postcard 01
Project Sonic Postcard 01

SEGA Moba Leaflet

An information leaflet for the SEGA Moba service that was previously available for mobile phones in Japan.

Additional Images
Front Side of Unfolded Leaflet
Reverse of Unfolded Leaflet

SEGA Sponsors of the Canon/Williams Team Postcard

A souvenir postcard to commemorate SEGA’s sponsorship of the Canon/Williams F1 team during the 1993 British Grand Prix. A commemorative Sonic statue was also awarded to Aytron Senna for winning the race.

Additional Images
Front of Postcard

Segaworld Items

The various items listed below come the UK’s Segaworld venue which operated from the Trocadero near Picadilly Circus in central London. These items date from 1996 but Segaworld existed at this location from 1996 to 2000 before being rebranded as a large in-door arcade called Funland. These scans were kindly shared with us by Mark Hughes.

Additional Images
Segaworld Flyers Scan 01
Segaworld Flyers Scan 02
Segaworld Tall Brochures Scan 01
Segaworld Tall Brochures Scan 02
Segaworld Branding Comparison
Segaworld Short Brochures Scan 01
Segaworld Short Brochures Scan 02
Segaworld Short Brochures Scan 03
SEGA World Short Brochures Scan 04
Segaworld Merchandise Leaflet Scan 01
Segaworld Merchandise Leaflet Scan 02
Segaworld Paper Bag
Segaworld Ticket 01
Segaworld Ticket 02
Segaworld Prize Tickets

Sonic Adventure 2 Magazine Advert

A double page magazine advert for the original Dreamcast release of Sonic Adventure 2.

Additional Images
Sonic Page
Shadow Page

Sonic Boom Event Flyer

A double-sided flyer for the 2014 Sonic Boom event in New York. The reverse has a map of the event space and a schedule for the day’s main stage performances.

Additional Images
Front of Flyer
Reverse of Flyer

Sonic Heroes/Worms 3D Free Ringtones/Logos Leaflet

A promotional leaflet for Sonic Heroes and Worms 3D that allows recipients to redeem a free logo and ringtone based on both games for their Nokia mobile phone.

Additional Images
Front/Back of Leaflet
Inside Leaflet

Sonic Lost World Sticker Sheet

A sheet of stickers featuring character art from Sonic Lost World.

Additional Images
Sticker Sheet

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Door Hanger

A double-sided door hanger featuring Sonic & All-Stars Racing artwork.

Additional Images
Front of Door Hanger
Reverse of Door Hanger

Sonic X McDonalds Happy Meal Colouring Page

A colouring page given away at McDonalds restaurants during the 2006 Sonic X promotional campaign that also included a line of Happy Meal toys.

Additional Images
Colouring Page

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity S8board Sticker Sheets

2 sticker sheets of the characters from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity made to be applied to skateboard decks.

Additional Images
Team Sonic Sticker Sheet
Babylon Rogues Sticker Sheet

Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Postcard

A promotional flyer that advertises recent Sonic the Hedgehog titles and Sonic merchandise available from SEGA Europe’s official online store.

Additional Images
Front of Postcard
Reverse of Postcard

Sonic the Hedgehog ‘Available Now’ Flyer

A promotional flyer that advertises recent Sonic the Hedgehog titles and Sonic merchandise available from SEGA Europe’s official online store.

Additional Images
Front of Flyer

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