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PioneerLaseractive With Mega Drive Control Pack

The LaserActive was a multimedia home entertainment system developed by Pioneer and released in Japan in August 1993 and in North America in September 1993. The system boasted support for laserdiscs, compact discs and LD-G karaoke discs. Functionality can be expanded via the use of Control Packs. A Mega Drive Control Pack was released for the LaserActive which retailed for an additional $600 and enhanced the system with support for Mega Drive, Mega-CD and the system exclusive Mega-LG software, which was distributed on the LD-ROM format. An exclusive LaserActive 6 button control pad was also bundled with the Mega Drive Control Pack. The entire system is completely region free, allowing software from any region to be used with it. The LaserActive was released at a cost of 89,800 yen in Japan and $970 in North America. The system only sold 420,000 units between 1993 and 1996 and is considered a commercial failure.


Compact disc
LD-G karaoke disc
ROM cartridge
CD+G disc


Images sourced from 2 eBay listings (1, 2) and Wikimedia Commons

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