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Mega Jet

The Mega Jet was originally a non-commercially released handheld version of the Mega Drive made for use on Japan Air Lines flights in 1994. The console would be rented during the flight and connected to LCD monitors built into the arm-rests of the flight’s seating. While customers could use their own cartridges with the system, a small selection of games was also available for rent on the flight itself. The console was later released at retail that same year.

While the console is handheld, it still requires power using a power adapter and must be connected to a monitor/television via a composite video cable. This is remarkably similar to the Brazil-only Master System Super Compact, except that system is made for Master System games and offers the user a way to broadcast an A/V signal using the built-in Mark III Telecon Pack system.

The Mega Jet’s built-in controls are based on the 6 button Mega Drive controller and there is an extra controller port on the base of the unit to allow for an extra controller to be plugged directly into the system for multiplayer gaming. The ‘mode’ button is also included to allow the system to be booted into 3 button mode for games that don’t support 6 button controls. The base of the unit also has a headphone port and a volume wheel.


Motorola 68000 @ 7.6 MHz
Zilog Z80 @ 3.58 MHz

Progressive: 320×224, 256×224 (NTSC) pixels, 512 color palette, 61 colors on-screen
Interlaced: 320×448, 256×448 (NTSC)

Yamaha YM2612
Texas Instruments SN76489

72 kB of RAM
64 kB of video RAM

ROM Cartridge


Photo credits: photos by Franck at SEGA, system owned by Danny at SEGA

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