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Master System Super Compact

The Master System Super Compact is a handheld Master System developed by TecToy under license from SEGA. Similar to the later SEGA Mega Jet, the system is handheld and games are loaded into a cartridge slot on the reverse of the system. The console can be powered with an adapter or batteries. The front of the unit also features the necessary buttons and directional pad to play the games. An additional controller port is also featured to allow a second controller to be connected for local multiplayer purposes. The console needs to be connected to a television to display the games as the console features no display of its own. The device also contains the Mark III Telecon Pack built into the system which allows it to broadcast an RF signal to a television using a receiver, which is also included with the console. However, this method is prone to interference. The Master System Super Compact was mainly sold in Brazil as this is the region where TecToy are headquartered, but a PAL-N version of the system was sold in Uruguay.


Zilog Z80A @ 4 MHz

256 × 192 resolution, 16 colors, 32 on-screen sprites
Yamaha YM2602B VDP
Telecon Pack

SN76489 PSG chip

8 kB RAM, 16 kB VRAM

ROM cartridge


Photo credit to Pinterest and 16PicSel

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