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Jun Senoue – The Works II

The 2nd volume in Jun Senoue’s The Works series. The album features solo recordings by Senoue from various SEGA titles that include Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition, Sonic Generations and Out Run 2. A selection of Crush 40 songs from their debut self titled album are also included. The copy photographed for this feature is signed by Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli. Released 24th February 2016 on Wave Master Entertainment.

Track List
01. Jun Senoue – Nitrous Fury
02. Jun Senoue – Sparklers
03. Jun Senoue – Eternal Glory
04. Jun Senoue – Stand On the Edge
05. Jun Senoue – It Doesn’t Matter -RMX2.014k-
06. Jun Senoue – Escape from the City -Blue Blur RMX-
07. Jun Senoue – Angel Island Zone -SSBB RMX-
08. Jun Senoue – Big Arm
09. Jun Senoue – Run Through the Speed Highway -Hybrid Mix-
10. Jun Senoue – High Groove
11. Jun Senoue – Fill it Up
12. Crush 40 – Dangerous Ground
13. Crush 40 – In the Lead
14. Crush 40 – Fuel Me
15. Crush 40 – All the Way
16. Jun Senoue – Battle for Justice [CHAIN Band ver.]
17. Jun Senoue – Battle for Justice II [CHAIN Band ver.]
18. Jun Senoue – Beat the Master II [CHAIN Band ver.]
19. Jun Senoue – Rush a Difficulty (Short Edited ver.)
20. Jun Senoue – Forging the Champions
21. Jun Senoue – Foundations of Fortune
22. Jun Senoue – Go the Distance
23. Jun Senoue – Slammin’ Lockers
24. Jun Senoue – Arena Anthem

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