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Gunlord Original Soundtrack – Composed by Rafael Dyll

The complete original soundtrack to the independent 2012 Dreamcast game Gunlord by NG:Dev.Team. The soundtrack is composed by Rafael Dyll and the CD features additional remixes of his songs by different artists. The soundtrack was included in the limited edition version of the game and does not have its own cover artwork. The track list information for this article was taken from the Gracenote database and is not listed in the game’s instruction manual.

Track List

1. Rafael Dyll – Main Title
2. Rafael Dyll – Transfer to Kairos II
3. Rafael Dyll – Steel and Thunder (Holy Mountain I)
4. Rafael Dyll – Murky Exploration (Holy Mountain II)
5. Rafael Dyll – Air Stride
6. Rafael Dyll – Dreamy Ruins
7. Rafael Dyll – Stage Completed
8. Rafael Dyll – Techno Dungeon
9. Rafael Dyll – Elevator Stage
10. Rafael Dyll – Deadly Sewers
11. Rafael Dyll – Acid Pipe
12. Rafael Dyll – Alive (Waste Grounds)
13. Rafael Dyll – Factory 5
14. The Mega Drives – Electric Tower (The Mega Drives Remix)
15. Rafael Dyll – Salival & Co.
16. Rafael Dyll – Enter Your Name
17. Rafael Dyll – End Credits
18. Rafael Dyll – Lord of the Guns (Bonus Track)
19. Christian Werdehausen – Acid Pipe (Christian Werdehausen Remix)
20. Andre Neumann – Dreamy Ruins (Andre Neumann Remix)
21. The Mega Drives – Gunlord MegaMix (The Mega Drives Remix)
22. Twobad – Trash it Hard (Twobad Remix)

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