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Galaxy Force II & Thunder Blade – Composed by Koichi Namiki, Katsuhiro Hayashi & Tohru Nakabayashi (Vinyl Release by Data Discs)


A 2017 vinyl release of Koichi Namiki & Katsuhiro Hayashi’s soundtrack to the Galaxy Force II and Koichi Namiki & Tohru Nakabayashi’s soundtrack to Thunder Blade. This is the 10th SEGA vinyl release by Data Discs. This is the limited edition clear pressing with yellow blob and white splatter. Larger pressings are available on translucent yellow and black vinyl. The record plays at 33rpm. This is the first Data Discs release to feature two game soundtracks on a single record. A lithographic print of some Galaxy Force II artwork is also included.

Track List

Side A
01. Katsuhiro Hayashi – Coin
02. Koichi Namiki – Scene Select
03. Koichi Namiki – Beyond the Galaxy
04. Katsuhiro Hayashi – Defeat
05. Katsuhiro Hayashi – Take Back
06. Koichi Namiki – Stage Clear
07. Katsuhiro Hayashi – Alone Fighter
08. Koichi Namiki – TRY-Z
09. Koichi Namiki – Name Entry
10. SEGA Sound Unit – Beyond the Galaxy ( [H.] Arrange Ver.)

Side B
11. Tohru Nakabayashi – Coin
12. Koichi Namiki – Thunder Blade
13. Koichi Namiki – Burning Point
14. Koichi Namiki – Round Clear
15. Koichi Namiki – Type II
16. Tohru Nakabayashi – Name Entry
17. Tohru Nakabayashi – Take Off (Unused)
18. Tohru Nakabayashi – Primary Attack (Unused)
19. Tohru Nakabayashi – In Conclusion (Unused)

Additional Images

IMG_0501 IMG_0502 IMG_0503

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