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AtGames SEGA Mega Drive Portable Video Game Player

The AtGames SEGA Mega Drive Portable Video Game Player released in 2008 and is an officially licensed SEGA Mega Drive clone console developed by AtGames. This system features 20 built in Mega Drive games and is architecturally based on a Mega Drive-on-a-chip solution that AtGames would employ until the release of the Mega Drive Flashback in 2017 which moved to an emulation solution. The system itself features a d-pad, 3 face buttons, a menu button, a start/pause button, a power switch, a headphone jack, a volume wheel and a video out jack which can be used with the included AV cable to route the video to a television using a composite connection. Despite later devices suffering from poor sound emulation, this model features more accurate sound emulation to the original Mega Drive hardware. The system has to be powered by 3 AAA batteries to function.


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