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AtGames SEGA Mega Drive Flashback

The AtGames SEGA Mega Drive Flashback was an enhanced version of their previous line of Mega Drive clone consoles that features a high definition video output and 2 wireless controllers that connect by a 2.4G wireless connection. The console is powered by a new motherboard running a Android/Linux 3.10.0-based operating system. The system is notorious for suffering from performance issues, repeatedly dropping frames during gameplay. However, sound emulation has been improved from previous AtGames Mega Drive consoles.

The system includes a variety of built-in software made up of original Mega Drive, Master System and Game Gear titles, plus a selection of AtGames originals. Real Mega Drive cartridges can be used in conjuction with the system’s cartridge port. As the system uses emulation, it also features the ability to save and load states. It is the last time SEGA officially licensed an AtGames system as the negative reception of the Flashback led the publisher to develop the later Mega Drive Mini in-house.

A 2nd revision of the system features a different selection of built-in software and an SD card slot which can be used to update the system’s firmware. This 2nd revision can be identified by its white accents while the 1st revision uses red accents. The firmware cannot be updated on the 1st revision due to the lack of SD card slot.

The size of the Mega Drive Flashback is comparably smaller to an original Mega Drive, but somewhat larger than the later Mega Drive Mini. The 1st revision of the Mega Drive Flashback is powered by a 5 volt AC adapter, but the 2nd revision can be powered via a mini USB cable.


Android/Linux 3.10.0-based operating system
RockChip 3036 SoC (dual-core, 1GHz, Mali 400)
Internal Mini USB connector with ADB support (2nd revision only)


Photo credits to Amazon and Conrad

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